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Visual Interactive Calling



Connect customers with better service, right from your customer service app.

Mobile technology has changed the way you communicate with customers—and raised the bar on the level of service they expect from you. Today, personalized on-demand attention isn’t just a “nice to have.” It’s becoming the norm. And if you can’t deliver on your customers’ demands for access anywhere—from any device—they might just look to another company that can.

Visual Interactive Calling from Verizon gives your customers real-time access to contact center agents any time they need it, right from your mobile customer service app. That helps you deliver better, faster service while making your contact centers more efficient. Advanced authentication tools make every interaction more secure, too, helping you reduce telephone fraud. Plus, our service connects with call routing systems from a number of vendors, so you won’t have to switch platforms to start using it.

Streamline the customer service journey.

How Visual Interactive Calling works:

  • A customer needs assistance, so he taps an icon in your mobile customer assistance app.
  • An agent receives a screen pop identifying the user and session context, and answers the call.
  • The customer and agent can now share visual interactive content while speaking, helping solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Our interactive customer service solution lets you:

  • Give customers an easy way to transition from mobile self-service to the contact center.
  • Provide better self-service options and make customers less reliant on agents.
  • Allow agents to share visual content to improve customer assistance.
  • Pre-authenticate callers using enterprise mobile app login, reducing exposure to fraud.
  • Integrate with your current call routing platform using our VoIP inbound service.

Deliver benefits to your customers and your business.

For your customers:
  • Quicker, more intuitive interactions
  • A multimedia experience with visual content
  • Control over when they engage an agent
  • A seamless transition, with no need to repeat info
For your organization:
  • Extended reach of mobile services
  • Controlled costs from integrating with existing infrastructure
  • Improved agency efficiency with greater context
  • Simple sharing of visual information
  • Increased user satisfaction

Learn more.

Find out how the Visual Interactive Calling customer service app from Verizon can put your business ahead of the competition in customer service—and make every interaction efficient and secure.
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