Wireless internet
backup is a key
business continuity

Author: Julie Vance

Businesses—especially those with multiple locations—are best positioned to thrive when they efficiently manage the flow of information between and among offices, while keeping overhead costs low. But when the power goes out unexpectedly, or when primary network connections that rely on landlines go down, many businesses grind to a halt unless they have a wireless internet backup solution.

Smart businesses recognize the importance of having a wireless internet backup solution in place before a crisis hits. In today’s technology driven world, business continuity solutions are essential. They help organizations of all sizes minimize disruptions and protect, strengthen and recover their important connections. 

Advantages of internet backup and business continuity solutions

There are many advantages of having a wireless business continuity solution as a backup to your internet. Business continuity services can help organizations in the following ways:

  • Protect against costly disruptions.
  • Stay connected to the internet, as well as private voice and data networks, when wired connections are unavailable.
  • Continue serving customers, even during a primary access outage.
  • Maintain a reliable internet backup or extend network coverage for business locations, including triage sites, disaster areas, branch offices, retail stores, warehouses, banks or mall outlets.

How can business continuity solutions help your industry?

Wondering whether a wireless business continuity solution can benefit your industry? Read on to learn how.


In the competitive financial world, even a few minutes of downtime can prove catastrophic. Transactions can be lost and opportunities missed. Business continuity solutions can help maintain the ability to process payments and transactions, seize opportunities and respond quickly to customer needs.


When disaster strikes, a wireless internet backup can help businesses maintain voice, data and internet connections as usual, even when the phone lines are down. Business continuity services such as a private network with 4G LTE and wireless routers can also provide secure, reliable and cost-effective connectivity at temporary sites, so you can quickly provide assistance to customers when and where it’s most needed.

Public Safety

In an emergency, wireless internet backup can be a matter of life or death. Business continuity solutions help public safety agencies maintain critical communications when networks are down or congested. Wireless internet connectivity also means that first responders have reliable, reliable remote access to dispatchers, decision makers and online and back-end databases, so they can act more quickly and make better-informed decisions on the scene.


Whether buying online or in a store, today’s consumers expect seamless, quick transactions. With the vast range of shopping choices available nowadays, even a few minutes of downtime can mean lost customers and sales, so wireless internet backup is critical for retail businesses to stay up and running. Reliable service creates loyal customers, and business continuity solutions deliver the reliability that helps to ensure that customers keep coming back.

Learn more about the benefits of wireless internet backup and how Verizon can help you select the right business continuity service for your organization. 

Julie Vance is Senior Product Manager at Verizon.