Bertelsmann sets
its global business
on course for a
connected future.


  • Fragmented corporate network with 100+ vendors limited innovation
  • Business strategy required connecting units (eg: customer interaction and media services) across locations
  • Wanted to re-establish corporate IT in partnership with leading global provider


  • Implemented SD-WAN (Cisco iWAN), application-aware network
  • Managed Private IP and internet services
  • Optimized Wide Area Network
  • Deployed Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) and Virtual Network Services (VNS)


  • Doubled North American business capacity with automatic routing via internet or secure MPLS
  • Enabled business unit connections with unified, global platform
  • Quickly scaled to accommodate seasonal fluctuations in customer service, finance, e-commerce, telecoms and energy supply businesses with SD-WAN
  • Maintained corporate standards and met business unit needs via Verizon app store access to hundreds of vendors
  • Positioned corporate IT to achieve great efficiencies by moving services into the Cloud

How we built the solution.

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