Dakota Valley Electric
Cooperative powers
efficiency with Verizon
Grid Wide.

The Cooperative not only wanted
to update its old metering system,
but rollout reliable and secure smart
monitoring solutions.


Dakota Valley needed to update metering systems, help resource efficiency and know that meter reads and maintenance were both accurate and actionable.

  • 20 year old metering system did not support evolving business needs
  • Small staff and large geographic footprint made efficiency a priority
  • Accurate meter reads and maintenance productivity necessitated regional reliability


Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative focused on reliability by leveraging 4G LTE and Private IP as they conducted testing and deployed their metering systems.

  • Conducted pilot to test connectivity reliability
  • Deployed Verizon PaaS Smart Metering platform
  • Provided reliable connectivity via 4G LTE and Private IP


The electrical Coop improved power quality and customer service, reduced truck rolls, enhanced ease of decision making and reduced IT overhead. 

  • Helped improve power quality and customer service with alerts that assess and locate maintenance issues
  • Realized cost-savings by reducing the number of truck rolls and amount of manual trouble-shooting
  • Enhanced decision-making ability with actionable intelligence on power usage, demand, and quality
  • Reduced IT overhead with simplified deployment, lower equipment costs and reliance on ready-built Verizon network

How we built the solution.

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