Network speeds relief group’s crisis response.

Disaster relief organization gets better at collaboration, communication.


The organization lacked a streamlined modern network architecture and strong security strategy.

  • Needed to move applications to public and private clouds.
  • Insufficient bandwidth to support core operations and future roadmap.
  • Complex, resource-intensive and costly networks managed by multiple providers.


Our technologies helped the organization update its network architecture and access better tools for collaboration and communications.

  • Built and deployed a reliable network prepared to meet roadmap goals
  • Migrated legacy network to SDN foundation
  • Interconnected MLAN and WLAN across all sites and integrated cloud-based voice, data and video
  • Streamlined application performance delivery


The organization improved employee responsiveness with near real-time collaboration, mobility and unified communications.

  • Narrowed from 200 down to <10 providers, with Verizon as the primary partner
  • Improved cyber security through proactive network monitoring
  • Increased network agility to serve diverse and unpredictable business, network and application needs

How we built the solution.

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