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Duo Studio can work
from virtually anywhere
with connectivity
from Verizon

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  • Meet Dat & Sonia

  • Dat Nguyen and Sonia Polyzos run their web design company from a van they drive all over the United States. Connectivity from Verizon makes it possible. “It seemed like a no-brainer going with Verizon. I don't think we really even had any other candidates.“ said Sonia Polyzos, Co-owner, Duo Studio.

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  • Duo Studio co-owners working from inside their mobile van
    • The challenge

    • For Dat Nguyen and Sonia Polyzos, freedom isn’t limited to their creativity and business decisions. It describes their entire lifestyle. They live in—and run their business from—a van they drive coast to coast, year-round.

      “Once we started working for ourselves,” says Sonia, “we realized we can literally do this anywhere. We always try to work with a really nice view, so we'll go to waterfront places or national parks. It's been pretty easy to find beautiful spots all over America.”

      Despite their seemingly carefree lifestyle, the pair take work very seriously. Sonia says, “A busy workday starts with us really dedicating that day to working. We don't do anything else. I have my workspace in the front of the van and Dat has his workspace back here. We’ll have multiple meetings with our developers and there's a lot of internal collaboration.”

      Their van isn’t just their office, of course—it’s also their home. They need connectivity round the clock.

      “It's really great that we have a reliable internet connection where we can sleep, work and live in the same area and be able to always have connection.”

    • Dat Nguyen, Duo Studio co-owner

    • Beginning quotation mark  We just needed internet that could move with us.”

      Dat Nguyen, Co-owner, Duo Studio


    • Sonia Polyzos, Duo Studio co-owner

    • Beginning quotation mark  We can literally do this anywhere.”

      Sonia Polyzos, Co-owner, Duo Studio

    • The solution

    • “Starting a business wasn't challenging because there were so many online resources that we could use,” says Dat. “The main thing was that we just needed internet that could move with us. We were looking at different providers and we just went with who had the most coverage.”

      In addition to the advantage they enjoy with Verizon’s network coverage, they’ve also found the Verizon hardware to be a perfect fit for their lifestyle

      “Living in a small space, we needed something that we could kind of put in this overhead compartment and just not worry about it,” says Dat. “It's always fully charged and it's super easy to connect to. And the installation process was as easy as just turning it on.”

      From their van, Duo Studio does everything more conventional digital agencies do, thanks to their Verizon connection. Sonia says, “We're able to have meetings via video—hour long discovery meetings. We're able to discuss projects internally. We’re uploading files and getting access to client files, including video files that take up a lot of data.

      “So literally from when we wake up to when we go to sleep, we're always connected. Having this connectivity is literally everything for our business and our personal lives.”