Driller turns to IP Trunking to reduce costs.

Streamlined voice communications let off-shore driller better manage calls.


The company’s voice systems were complex, costly and difficult to manage.

  • 40+ voice systems that were expensive to maintain
  • Faced challenges adding lines when needed
  • Couldn’t associate calls with particular projects to support cost accounting


Our solutions helped the drilling company simplify and modernize its technology and infrastructure.

  • Migrated from multiple primary rate interfaces to IP Trunking
  • Enabled Voice over IP
  • Implemented centralized connectivity management between headquarters and data centers


By using its own existing PBX equipment, the company was able to transition quickly and scale easily when adding locations.

  • 40 primary rate interfaces replaced by IP Trunking
  • Lowered monthly voice service costs
  • Improved call management with network visibility and control over inbound call routing and flow

How we built the solution.

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