Hawaiian Electric
aims for 100%
renewable energy.

With a goal of 100% renewable energy,
serving 95% of the Hawaiian population,
Hawaiian Electric needed more than its
2,724 employees to meet its energy goals.


To reach it’s goal of 100% renewable energy, Hawaiian Electric had to ensure adding new solar energy assets wouldn't compromise reliability as well as update the current grid infrastructure to meter and manage new assets

  • Solar energy is critical component of Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy goal
  • Adding rooftop solar energy assets through the Customer Grid-Supply Plus (CGS+) program can not compromise reliability
  • Current grid infrastructure lacks metering and management capabilities required by new assets


We helped by providing access to the largest 4G LTE network infrastructure and implementing Verizon Grid Wide technology, to help control reliability and update grid infrastructure.

  • Provide access to Verizon’s 4G LTE network infrastructure
  • Implement Verizon Grid Wide technology


Verizon helped Hawaiian Electric set up a resilient and expandable solar grid systems, monitor power contributions and ultimately, reduce their fossil fuel consumption through use of solar energy.

  • Ability to detect and monitor power moving to the grid from solar systems enrolled in the CGS+
  • Seamless expansion of renewable resource grid contribution beyond the CGS+ program
  • Smart Grid reliability and resiliency through wireless management and monitoring data
  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption and associated impact on environmental resources and their economic benefits


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