Case Study

Communication and delivery
services restored just days
after a major hurricane
devastates Puerto Rico.

Private sector partnership and out-of-the-box thinking helps 
Puerto Rico get back on its feet after a devastating hurricane.


Telecommunications and power infrastructure destroyed
During Hurricane Maria, one of the strongest hurricanes to hit Puerto Rico in  90 years, the territory’s telecommunications and power infrastructure were destroyed. Over one million residents lacked electricity or means of communication. And more than 56,000 people were without potable water.

Puerto Rican citizens disconnected from the 
world—and outside help
As a result of this devastation, citizens had no connection to the outside world. And without mail service, things like prescriptions, medical supplies, humanitarian aid and other essential items could not be delivered.

  • 1M +

    Over one million residents lacked electricity or means of communication.

  • 56k +

    More than 56,000 people were without potable water.


A partnership between Verizon and a letter and package delivery service helps to reestablish communications.

Extensive damage to the power and telecommunications grid required a unique and expedited solution to get communication and delivery services up and running as quickly as possible. Verizon partnered with a letter and package delivery service provider to deploy a satellite solution that provided voice, data, wireless and point of sale communications.

The Verizon solution included:

Satellite access

With “feet on the street” technical dispatch, Verizon engineers quickly arrive on-site to manage agency locations and infrastructure

Professional Services
Verizon consulted with the delivery service provider—from solution design and surveying the land, to engineering and implementation—in order to reestablish communications in days

Managed Services
Across Puerto Rico, Verizon manages the locations of the satellite telecommunications infrastructure


Delivery of prescriptions, medical devices and other essentials is restored.

Once communications were reestablished for citizens, businesses and government agencies, humanitarian aid could be delivered, including:

  • Food, water and other essential items to remote and affected areas 

  • Prescriptions for citizens who needed medications and medical devices

  • Medical supplies and equipment to replenish depleted inventory at hospitals

  • Regular letters and packages to a majority of the region

Verizon received a Supplier Performance Award for its exemplary efforts in helping the agency achieve its mission.

“Verizon is proud that this mail delivery system trusted us in such an unprecedented, critical moment. Working with the them, we were able to develop a solution which not only enabled the delivery of essential items, but helped the citizens of Puerto Rico regain some sense of normalcy.”

– Mike Maiorana, Senior Vice President for Verizon Business Group.¹

How we built the solution.

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  • 1 Najuma Thorpe, “Verizon received USPS Supplier Performance Award,” Verizon Business Solutions, September 7, 2018.



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