Hospital system unifies network.

Connecting offices improves access to information and patient experience.


Multiple vendors and technical approaches made it tough for the hospital system’s IT team to deliver the experiences patients and healthcare providers wanted.

  • The hospital wanted uniform delivery of IT Services across the entire healthcare system
  • The IT security team needed to centralize access controls
  • Improving experiences required consistent Wi-Fi based guest and patient services


We helped their IT team connect the entire network of hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices together on one system with Secure Cloud Interconnect.

  • Replaced disparate systems
  • Migrated systems securely within the cloud
  • Streamlined the integration of legacy and acquired IT assets


With a unified network, the hospital system simplified operations, controlled costs, and improved clinician and patient experiences.

  • Increased clinician productivity with centralized secure access to all needed information
  • Improved patient and guest experiences with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Improved cyber security with secure global connectivity for centralized authentication and accounting

How we built the solution.

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