Case Study

Network upgrade helps state
employees get ready for work
from-home mandates.

This mid-Atlantic state’s use of professional services
to accelerate digital transformation helped it to
better manage the effects of the pandemic.


This state needed to complete the digital transformation of its network, even amid COVID-19 stay-at-home mandates.

This required:

  • Upgrading a dated legacy network to a secure, world-class digital communications network
  • Agile services and transparency into project status and cost

  • New capabilities and upgrades for end-of-life equipment

  • Streamlined implementation processes to improve employee productivity


To help this state meet the current and future needs of its citizens and employees, Verizon is fully managing all voice, video and data services. This Verizon solution provides services for:
network locations across 65 state agencies
refreshed devices


Managed WAN and LAN
With “feet on the street” technical dispatch, Verizon engineers quickly arrive on-site to manage agency locations and infrastructure

Professional Services

A strategic partner in designing, staging, implementing, engineering and building the state’s network

Customer premises equipment
Updated routers, modems and network equipment from

Network security
Cybersecurity for the state with Secure Cloud Interconnect and Secure Gateway

Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS)
Advanced communication and collaboration tools, including VCE, integrated voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, Webex and Jabber


As a result of the partnership with Verizon, the state was able to transform and upgrade its existing networks without disrupting everyday business operations.It now has:
  • A workforce that’s positioned to transition to work-from-home 

  • Rapid network migration with Verizon’s knowledge of the state’s infrastructure 

  • Improved employee communications with advanced collaboration tools 

  • Gained cost and budget predictability with a pay-for-use model 

  • A maintained statewide infrastructure that enables agencies to scale and adopt new technologies when needed

“The ongoing investments made in the state’s infrastructure were not just to meet the current needs of our citizens and employees, but to make this state ready for the future. While we could never have anticipated what 2020 would bring, we know that thinking ahead helped us quickly transition to a remote workforce–and that ultimately helped us better serve our citizens.”

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