Upgraded network
secures, monitors
utility’s grid.

Solution meets mission-critical
remote monitoring needs for
power grids. 


The company needed a secure, reliable way to maintain compliance for SCADA communications.

  • Needed multiple supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technologies due to a large footprint
  • Required 100% uptime for the mandated SCADA system
  • Wanted to increase reliability beyond what legacy systems could provide
  • Needed to maintain security while moving to Internet of Things (IoT)


The company turned to us to help meet its goal of 100% uptime, with fast and reliable networking.

  • Deployed MPLS-based network with IP trunking to carry voice and data
  • Enabled seamless failover with dynamic port switching
  • Implemented system-wide redundancy at full capacity


With reliable uptime, controlled costs and strong security on a unified network, the utility company has greater peace of mind.

  • Maintain continuous monitoring uptime for 65 million customers with added redundancy and failover switching
  • Control long distance costs by migrating to SIP trunking over MPLS
  • Protect critical data using SCADA technologies on a secure network
  • Reduce risk of fines with fast, reliable monitoring to address mandates for on-time reporting

How we built the solution.

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