relies on Verizon One Talk
during COVID-19.

Electric cooperative empowers remote employees with
work-from-home model featuring One Talk.


Wright-Hennepin employees are considered essential, providing security monitoring and electrical services for people in two Minnesota counties. The cooperative needed to keep workers safe by allowing them to work offsite. Specifically, it needed to:

  • Set up One Talk in less than 24 hours to allow 36 office personnel and security dispatchers to work from home
  • Configure One Talk Hunt Group to effectively route calls 24/7 to the security team and to the electric service team during regular business hours


Deploy 36 One Talk lines with Native Dialer and more than 50 features to help employees better manage incoming calls.

  • Set up remote employees with One Talk-enabled smartphones
  • Routed calls to a main number via One Talk Hunt Group so the right person could answer
  • Deployed a business-grade One Talk phone system in less than 24 hours


With the One Talk app on their smartphones, remote employees can efficiently answer and handle calls at home or other work locations.

  • Programmed Hunt Group to recognize which smartphones are active and route calls based on varying employee shifts
  • Provided highly intuitive Native Dialer so no training was needed to use One Talk on smartphones
  • Trained administrators on easy-to-use One Talk portal


“This is a great tool, as it replicates our groups as if they were working in the office during this time, with so many people working from home and being productive. I also want to thank Mitch and his Verizon team for working diligently to get this up and running for us. We have smartphones with One Talk out in the field now and employees taking calls from our customers like we’re in the office.“

—Tony Heid, VP Information Technologies, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative


hours required to implement One Talk solution


smartphones deployed with One Talk lines on one number and Native Dialer


security monitoring services

1.4 M

people served in two Minnesota counties

How we built the solution

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