Enterprise Intelligence in Manufacturing


Manufacturers face growing pressure to adopt Industry 4.0 to become more efficient. Partner with Verizon to connect your workforce and factory to help improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Let’s achieve Enterprise Intelligence.


Gain the control, security and speed you need to adapt in real time and help overcome manufacturing challenges.

Private 5G Network

Get a secure, reliable onsite network tailored to your business—to help keep you connected in near real time.


Engage with and learn from experts leading the way in manufacturing.

June 2 – 5
Rethink: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Meet with Verizon experts one-on-one to discover best practices and learn what’s needed to thrive in the connected future.


Manufacturing trends and success on the factory floor

Get practical guidance for your smart-factory transformation journey, and see how 5G can help.

Shaping the modern supply chain for the future

Explore ways enterprises can transform supply chains into modern systems to help boost resiliency.

Maintaining strong cybersecurity in turbulent times

Learn how secure network solutions can help connect systems and improve agility—safely.

Trends driving edge transformation and the evolution of IT

Learn what’s driving change in organizations and the latest technologies being used.

Connecting and transforming the factory of the future

Learn about Industry 4.0 technology and how to implement factory solutions.

White paper
Boosting savings and productivity with smart factory tech

Read about the ROIs companies have seen after embracing Industry 4.0.

White paper
Building a roadmap to Enterprise Intelligence

Transform operations, create more robust supply chains and position your business for the future.


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