2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

Learn about the latest trends in real-world security incidents and breaches—to help protect your organization and help you evaluate potential updates to your security plan.

Top takeaways

Explore a preview of some of the cybersecurity data uncovered by this year’s DBIR.

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of breaches involved the exploitation of vulnerabilities as an initial access step, almost triple the amount from last year’s report

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of breaches involved a non-malicious human element, like a person falling victim to a social engineering attack or making an error

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of financially motivated incidents involved ransomware or extortion, with a median loss of $46,000 per breach

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of breaches involved a third party or supplier, such as software supply chains, hosting partner infrastructures or data custodians


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Learn how you can mitigate cybersecurity risk to help protect your organization and constituents.

Find out which methods cybercriminals are using to breach security systems and steal data.

See how you can help protect payment card data and defend against threats to your business and customers.

Understand how bad actors can gain access to important company data without much effort.

Get insight into vulnerabilities that entice criminals and how to help defend against cyber threats.

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