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Verizon 5G Edge is where the cloud meets the network. And it’s rolling out in select cities around the country. Now businesses can innovate like never before.

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  • Where is 5G Edge available?*

    You can harness the transformative power of 5G Edge in the following locations:

    • Atlanta
    • Boston
    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Denver
    • Houston
    • Las Vegas
    • Miami
    • New York City
    • Phoenix
    • San Francisco Bay Area
    • Seattle
    • Washington, DC

    And we’re committed to launching in more cities.

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  • What are multi-access edge (MEC) computing and mobile edge computing?

    Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is a network architecture concept that enables cloud computing capabilities and an IT service environment at the edge of any network. Mobile edge computing provides both an IT service environment and cloud-computing capabilities at the mobile edge of the network, within the radio access network (RAN) and in close proximity to mobile subscribers, enterprises and other organizations.

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  • What is Verizon 5G Edge?

    Verizon 5G Edge is a mobile edge computing platform available for businesses. It was designed to enable developers to build applications for mobile end-users and wireless edge devices with ultralow latency.

  • Why is Verizon 5G Edge important?

    This new edge computing architecture infuses the power of the cloud directly into the Verizon 5G network. By extending infrastructure to where business happens, it allows for a new class of cloud-native applications, creating innovative, value-based opportunities for customers.

    In addition to ultralow latency, we expect users to greatly benefit from unprecedented increases in speed, bandwidth, throughput, reliability, agility, scalability, energy efficiency, privacy and security.

    Read the 5G Edge computing white paper

  • How could 5G Edge help enable the real time enterprise?

    By delivering:

    • A fully integrated network and computing environment

    • Ease in performing data analytics locally

    • Consistently low latency for workloads and applications (closed-loop control systems, autonomous machines, robotics, AR/VR, IoT performance tracking, etc.)

    • Data and application sovereignty to support security and compliance requirements

    It could also deliver services, specific to an environment and industry, such as oil and mining operations, manufacturing plants, hospitals, universities, public safety and other government facilities, sports arenas, and business campuses. Local computing could be particularly beneficial for organizations with large numbers of connected devices.

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  • How can 5G Edge support IoT deployments?

    Organizations will be able to develop massive, scalable and valuable IoT capabilities known as Massive Internet of Things (MIoT). MIoT deployments will generate and harness huge amounts of data to drive advanced analytical and artificial intelligence (AI) programs and can support mission-critical services that require Ultra Reliable, Low Latency Communication (URLLC).

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See how it changes the quality of an experience.

5G Edge is built right to transform the way businesses process digital data.*

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States of Ready.


When you compute on the edge, you’re ready to innovate and disrupt. See how 5 States of Ready can help.

  • Bringing the cloud closer to where business happens.

  • AWS Wavelength

    Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength bring the power of the world’s leading cloud closer to mobile and connected devices at the edge of the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network. That means developers can:

    •  Build apps with ultralow latency
    • Use familiar AWS services, APIs and tools
    • Extend your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
    Learn about AWS

Level up with private MEC.

  • Transform the way your business works.

    Accelerate innovation with a premises-based, enterprise cloud computing, storage and networking solution with optional professional and managed services.

  • Close the gap on proximity and speed.

    Develop and run applications that benefit from edge compute capabilities, including extreme low latency and local compute, storage and backhaul transport efficiencies.

  • Onsite and dedicated performance

    Take advantage of mission-critical, vertical PaaS and SaaS capabilities and private network enabled restricted access and performance to help transform your business.

Accelerate your journey to the Edge.

  • Verizon Professional Services provides end-to-end business and technical services to help drive new business outcomes. 

    Adopting emerging technologies such as 5G and MEC is a multi-staged journey. Regardless of which stage of maturity your organization is in understanding, exploring, and leveraging these emerging technologies, our professional services team stands ready to help you realize its value through education, discovery, exploration, design, migration and validation.

  • Services include:

    • Value definition and implementation strategy consulting
    • Design and architecture assessment
    • Migration, implementation, and integration
    • Application development and deployment
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  • *5G Nationwide available in 2700+ cities on most VZ 5G devices. 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities. 5G UWB access requires a 5G capable device with select voice/data & 5G UWB plans. 

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