Get faster insights with edge computing.

Open a whole new world of possibilities for your organization with advanced technologies that enable next-generation applications.


Award Winning Innovation

Host applications at the edge of the network—closer to your devices and endpoints. Frost & Sullivan Global MEC Company of the Year for 2023 and Frost Radar leader for Private MEC.

Company of the Year Award
Frost Radar leader for Private MEC Award


Resources at the edge mean you can localize data, which can help them improve security and better execute on data management strategies.


Ultrahigh speed and low latency help reduce application response times and increase performance.

Customer success stories

Managing crowds with better analytics

Explore how CrowdVision used 5G Edge to help improve crowd management, congestion and the guest experience.

Changing the game for live broadcasts

Watch how Zixi transformed the way live content is streamed by creating pop-up network ecosystems with sub-second latency.

Experiencing deeply immersive video

Learn how YBVR harnessed 5G Edge to deliver “like you’re there” streaming of music, sports and other events.

Edge computing

Edge computing applications can help improve response times and performance—enabling companies to collect, process and analyze data faster.

Private 5G Network

Meet the growing demands of automation and more with a secure, high-speed, low-latency network.

5G Edge

Get the managed mobile edge computing (MEC) solutions you need to fuel your business transformation.

Internet of Things

With our expansive portfolio, vast expertise and strong ecosystem, Verizon offers a one-stop shop for your Internet of Things (IoT) needs.

Internet of Things

The high speed and low latency of 5G Edge can help support the rapid expansion of IoT devices and applications that help you drive the experiences customers are looking for.

IoT Security Credentialing

Stay productive and protected with application and device security services.

LTE for Category M1 and Narrowband Technologies

Use our fully supported communication technologies for IoT applications.

Internet of Things

With our expansive portfolio, vast expertise and strong ecosystem, Verizon offers a one-stop shop for your IoT needs.


White Paper

What 5G networking brings to edge computing

Explore how edge computing and 5G intertwined can be leveraged to underpin the next generation of smart devices and applications.

Nov 24, 2020 ,  8 min read

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5G Edge benefits

Verizon 5G Edge is helping manufacturers move and make decisions faster, prevent downtime, and create business transformation.

Mar 2, 2022

Watch the video


Connected venues

Verizon 5G is helping improve the way guests enjoy live events and entertainment.

May 15, 2023

Watch the video

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