A curated solution for small business

Affordable, convenient and easy to implement: Meet the Complete Business Bundle.

A convenient, easy-to-implement bundle designed with small businesses in mind. Get plug-and-play internet, a router and desk phone, voice communications, and security tools—all wrapped up with 24/7 dedicated tech support. It’s what you need to keep your business connected.

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  • Flexible, affordable, secure

  • We understand that delivering a superior experience for your customers is your top priority, and that includes how you choose to connect with them.  Selecting the right technology can be time consuming and distract you from what really matters—running your business. That's why we've built the Complete Business Bundle. It includes internet, voice connectivity, a router and desk phone, internet security, and 24/7 dedicated tech support. You’ll love how easy it is.

The Complete Business Bundle is best for businesses:

  • Laptop controls


    Needing simple, plug-and-play internet with easy install

  • Chart with up arrow


    That need an affordable solution that can be scaled as they grow

  • Building icon


    That operate in a single location

  • Complete
    Business Bundle

A complete and convenient setup to get your business moving forward

  • Virtually instant internet  

    A simple plug-and-play installation for access to 4G LTE Business Internet straight out of the box, without the need for a technician

  • Router

    A high-performance, preconfigured 4G LTE-enabled router

  • One Talk

    A One Talk desk phone and voice connectivity with 50+ business-grade phone features

  • Security with Business Internet Secure

    Internet security and antivirus software to help safeguard your devices

  • 24/7 tech support

    Access to dedicated tech support for all features in your bundle

Benefits for your business

  • Simple

    What you need to get your business connected, in one convenient bundle

  • Affordable

    One low price for a bundle that can scale you as grow

  • Secure

    A powerful combination of internet security and antivirus software to help safeguard your devices

Complete Business Bundle features

What you need to get your business up and running

  • Virtually instant internet

    A simple plug-and-play installation means you get access to 4G LTE Business Internet straight out of the box, without the need for a technician. With three speed tiers to choose from, you start with what you need, and you can scale as your business grows.

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  • Router

    Our reliable, high-performance 4G LTE-enabled router from CommScope Arris is preconfigured for a quick and easy self-install.

  • One Talk

    A One Talk desk phone with voice connectivity means you can assign one number that rings multiple compatible mobile devices, desk phones and PCs. This means fewer missed calls and more opportunities to connect with potential customers.

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  • Security

    Device security that helps protect your business from the inside out by combining predictive antivirus software with internet security. This can help to safeguard your computers, tablets and phones by blocking traffic to and from malicious websites and proactively protecting you from potential threats.

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  • Trusted tech support

    You get 24/7 access to dedicated tech support experts to help you with everything from setup to ongoing management of your Complete Business Bundle.

  • Additional solutions

    Explore Verizon’s other business solutions.

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