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  • Overview

  • Verizon Broadband delivers reliable and affordable access to the Internet, giving you the connectivity to run many modern networking solutions. We offer broadband around the globe, via our own network assets and third-party providers, giving you the coverage and support needed to achieve your business objectives.

    With Verizon Broadband, you receive:

    • A reliable public internet connection that offers broad coverage around the globe.
    • Centralized coordination for your locations, across multiple providers.
    • Access downloads speeds that vary from sub -1 Mbps, up to 1 Gig (speeds vary by location and provider).
    • Cost-effective connectivity to handle today’s data-intensive apps.
    • 24x7 customer support via Verizon support teams.

    Here are a few graphics depicting a typical Broadband design.

  • Your Verizon team

  • Your Verizon Service team will help guide you through the eventual handoff to the Verizon Network Operations Center (NOC).

Order Manager (OM) +
  • Your Order Manager will communicate as needed in the form of periodic emails and/or follow up calls to provide status on key information regarding the implementation and activation of your Broadband circuits. The Order Manager will work all aspects of the order directly with you and will gather any additional information needed. If your Broadband solution involves multiple products and service items, the OM will drive all components to completion.

Project Manager (PM) +
  • The PM (if contracted) is the primary contact for you regarding your Broadband implementation. They are responsible for the overall implementation of the project and serve as your single point of contact throughout the course of the project. Your PM will arrange a Customer Kickoff Call review and begin the implementation process.

    Below is a list of activities to be performed by the PM:

    • Schedule and run the Customer Kickoff Call.
    • Perform overall project management services for the timely delivery and successful activation of the network with Verizon.
    • Act as the ultimate point of escalation for the project team.
    • Confirm on-time delivery of the project and will pursue any unmet milestone deadlines.
    • Develop the project plan jointly with you, the Verizon Account Team, and other support groups.
    • Oversee the completion of all steps in the defined process.
    • Track Special Construction (SCON) and right of entry (ROE) as a subset of SCON.
    • Publish open action items and status reports.
    • Establish reporting procedures with you and Verizon.
    • Maintain the order tracking with milestone details for circuit Orders.
    • Interface with Verizon organizations to collect status information.
    • Act as the point of contact for any order-related issues.
    • Verify overall project delivery is compliant with the contract.
    • Conduct project closeout meeting. Transitions any remaining non-project issues for follow up.

    Note: E-mail communication sent by your assigned PM will contain their contact information along with escalation contact information in the signature section of the email.

  • Preparing your site

  • vns wk prepare
  • Site Requirements

    Review Verizon’s Customer Readiness website .This site will assist you in preparing for your installation. Reviewing the content on this site and following some simple steps will help facilitate a smooth installation and activation of your service.

    Physical Requirements

    When there are physical, onsite components to your Broadband, you must take specific action and/or ensure the following items are appropriately addressed:

    • The local contact must verify they have determined a secure space for the Broadband modem with appropriate power outlet for the region available to power the modem.

    Note: If you’ve purchased additional services from Verizon at this site, additional space and power may be required. Consult your Order Manager (OM)/Project Manager (PM) for more details.

    • Assume responsibility for hardware, software and memory compatibility issues related to any customer owned/managed equipment you choose to connect to your broadband service.
  • Demarcation Point (DMARC)

    • Broadband is terminated to the MPOE (Minimum Point of Entry) where the circuit is delivered into the building. Requests to terminate the circuit past the MPOE should be included on the order in order to facilitate the install.

    Note: Extensions made past the MPOE vary by provider and could be subject to an additional charge.

    Special Construction (SCON)

    There may be contingencies to Broadband service availability such as potential Special Construction (SCON). In order to better manage the SCON process, the customer should consider the following:

    • SCON will lengthen the install interval so care should be made to address and provide approval feedback timely

    Customer action

    Determine a threshold expense acceptable for the SCON charges. If an order is above the established threshold, other solutions.

    • Third Party Providers require payment in advance of starting work which requires an approval process from the customer and Verizon.

    Customer action

    Be prepared to review and advise your OM/PM on the SCON in a timely fashion to help limit any installation delays.

    • Right of Entry may be required and as part of the SCON process

    Right of Entry (ROE)

    • When the customer does not own the building and access to the property is needed for Special Construction, a Right of Entry document could be required
    • Contract between Third Party Vendor and customer allowing access to the facility and to complete the work and SCON needed
    • Verizon cannot sign an agreement on behalf of the customer or other vendor.
    • Customer may have utility rights which typically gives them ROE approval
    • Verizon PM’s will act as milestone aggregators and should track ROE as a subset of SCON
    • Agree on interval expectations and when and for what reason to escalate with the landlord.

    Power Requirements

    Loss of electrical power may cause your Verizon access service to cease working if there are no accommodations made for back-up power. Verizon highly recommends you install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) onsite.

    Verizon does not provide UPS units; however, if you choose to implement a UPS, the following are some guidelines for reliable communications in case of a power outage:

    • Back-up the entire building using UPS. This will help protect all devices and equipment from power failures, including telephony, data networking, and PCs.
    • Provide a separate generator for back-up power (in addition to the feed provided by the utility company). In this case, you may still need to add UPS, because it may take a few minutes for the generator to ramp up.

    Note: The advantage of this approach is that less battery time is needed for each UPS. You should consult with your Order Manager (OM)/Project Manager (PM)for any additional power requirements as needed.


    The graphic below shows some common situations that may cause issues or delay your Broadband installation.

    For more detailed information about preparing your site for your upcoming installation (either performed by you or Verizon), please refer to Verizon’s Customer Readiness website.

  • Preparing for successful delivery

  • To successfully deliver Broadband, there are some activities that must be completed by both Verizon and you. Our goal is to keep you informed and aware of all the steps.

    Verizon Steps

    Verizon will take the following actions to provide smooth implementation of your Broadband connectivity:

    • Your Order Manager or Project Manager (OM/PM) will provide you with their contact details, and other information associated with your Broadband order.
    • OM/PM will schedule an Order Verification Call/Customer Kickoff Call with you.
    • Upon successful submission of your Broadband order, your OM/PM would be your lead contact for the project via weekly status calls and as needed communications.
    • OM/PM will coordinate all Broadband components from start to finish as part of the service:
    • Examples:
      • Provisioning and installation of circuits at your facility.
      • Coordinate 3rd parties as necessary
    • Provide periodic implementation progress updates

    Customer Steps

    The following steps on your part will also lead to a successful and timely delivery of your Broadband circuit:

    • If needed, prepare your site for installation (as outlined below).

    Customer action

    As an example, upon notification by Verizon of the Telco tentative dispatch date, you should ensure each local contact will be onsite for the installation and knows about the pending order. If the local contact will be unavailable, an alternate contact must be provided to avoid a reschedule and missed appointment..

    Instruct the local contact(s) to direct the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) technician to the location where the circuit demarcation (Telco Closet) is to be placed and advise them if the demarcation must be extended to other points within the building.

    • Notify Verizon as far in advance as possible of any times during which activations or installations may not be scheduled so as to not impact your delivery schedule.
    • If a change to the established activation/installation date is required, communicate those changes as soon as possible to your OM/PM.
    • Inform Verizon of any networking changes (your facility, 3rd party changes, etc.) that are relevant to your Broadband install.

    Note: (for Non-US Implementations ONLY) Check with your Account Team or Order Manager to confirm if you need to provide a separate copper telephone line (PSTN line) for your Broadband service. This is rare, but still required by some providers.

    Customer Kickoff Call (if applicable)

    The Customer Kickoff Call is the first gathering set up by your Project Manager (PM) (if contracted) after your Broadband contract has been signed. The call would consist of:

    • Verizon Broadband team introductions, roles, and responsibilities
    • Expectations of Verizon and your organization
    • Validate the project scope and services
    • Discuss timelines and deliverables
    • Next steps
  • Business continuity plan

  • Service disruptions can hurt a company's bottom line and compromise an organization's mission. The economic and reputational imperatives of the current market have shifted the discussion from IT disaster recovery to an enterprise-wide business continuity focus.

    Organizations of all sizes and industry types should have ongoing, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Programs that develop, prepare and exercise the various areas of continuity from critical business processes to IT service availabilities. The Business Continuity Program should address areas such as Emergency Response, Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Supplier Plans, Exercises, and ongoing BC program management.  

    The goals of today’s most relevant Business Continuity Programs are those providing organizations with an enterprise-wide business continuity focus, that not only includes strategizing and planning for IT service availability and disaster recovery, but addresses the ability to manage all areas of critical and continuity activities of the program to help prepare and mitigate the impact from ever-increasing risks threatening to interrupt organizations’ critical processes.

    Key criteria your organization should consider when creating a relevant, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Program to help protect your business critical information and processes

    • The Executive Team has established enterprise-wide business continuity objectives
    • The BC Program is
      • Enterprise-wide, and extends beyond the IT department
      • Part of the organization’s annual operational budget
      • An on-going, steady-state operation of the business
    • Regular assessments and reviews to validate business recovery requirements, priorities capabilities and compliance requirements
    • IT Service strategies and recovery solutions to maintain effective service resiliency and availability align to the business requirements
    • Appropriate emergency response, business continuity, communications and disaster recovery plans are designed and developed to provide proper guidance during an event
    • Regular BC Program maintenance is being performed to manage the program changes
      • Determine if you can/will manage the BC Program internally, or using a BC partner
      • If a BC partner, determine those with the best capabilities to manage your organization’s size and needs
      • Confirm the group or persons managing your BC Program is qualified, they have references, ISO accreditations and BC certifications
    • Annual exercises and tests are performed before an event happens, validating your plans effectiveness
    • Develop clear and simple methods, policies and procedures to follow
    • Keep all resources properly trained
    • Once the event is over, you should have a plan in place to bring your business back to normal operations

    Verizon can help you with your Business Continuity planning needs

    Verizon's portfolio of Business Continuity Consulting, Planning and Management help reduce the risk and impact from a disruption by providing enterprise-wide Business Continuity Programs that generate strategic solutions, formulate plans and manage program preparations to provide effective continuity measures should an unavoidable crisis occur.

    With the Verizon Business Continuity Management portfolio of consulting services and programs, we help our customers to effectively prepare and maintain continuity during planned and unplanned events to help reduce the risk and impact from disruptions. Please contact your Verizon account team for further assistance.

  • Installation

  • 5 installations 300x227
  • As a part of Broadband, note the following steps will occur:

    • Your Order Manager (OM) / Project Manager (PM) will coordinate Verizon installation dates with you and/or your local contact for your Broadband connectivity.
    • If needed, a pre-installation survey may occur before the actual installation (depending on the product).
    • Verizon will dispatch the installation team(s) for the service to your location(s).
  • Customer action

    The local contact must ensure technicians have access to all on-premises wiring and space locations.

    Note: After hours fees may apply. Please review your contract for details on these charges.

    • Post-installation, Verizon will verify the network service is provisioned and will send information that the service is complete.

    Note: Only installation services purchased through Verizon would be coordinated by your OM/PM. Any delays with outside vendor services associated with your Broadband Connectivity Services may impact the implementation timing of Broadband and/or other services ordered at your site

    Customer action

    After implementing your Broadband Connectivity Services, any new services may have to go through the contracting process. Ask your Verizon Account Team for more details.

  • Manage your account with Verizon Enterprise Center

  • Easily Manage your Services Online

    The Verizon Enterprise Center makes it easy for you to monitor, manage, analyze and optimize your Verizon products and services online. Available seamlessly between desktop, tablet and smartphone – you can act on your crucial data wherever your work takes you.

  • Network Operations Center (NOC)

  • vns noc masthead sm
  • Upon successfully completing the requirements of your Broadband connectivity, your network services will be handed off to the Verizon Network Operations Center (NOC).

    Note: No service levels, associated with the repair of the circuit, are provided by Verizon with Broadband, except as otherwise noted in the customer agreement. In the event of an outage, Verizon will work with the applicable Third Party Vendors to restore your services to their normal operating conditions quickly and efficiently.

  • Customer action

    Please open all tickets through the Verizon Enterprise Center, as outlined in the Verizon Enterprise Center section of this document.

    Troubleshooting Guidelines

    Customer action

    There are a few things you can do prior to reporting an issue with your Broadband:

    • Check for power to the modem
    • Check connections to the modem, e.g., Ethernet cable
    • Power cycle (reboot) the modem and any attached CPE.

    Should you still have issues after completing the steps above, please open a trouble ticket via the Verizon Enterprise Center.

  • Training and service contact information

  • 10 training and service contact information 300x227
  • Training

    The Customer Learning Portal provides Verizon Business customers with training and resources for products, systems, and tools. To access the Customer Learning Portal, please go to

Service Contact Information

The matrix below will provide you with the contact information you would need to handle any issues that may arise with your Broadband service:

  • Service Issue

    Verizon Enterprise Center Tools and Training

  • Be prepared with the following information



    Verizon Enterprise Center Portal

    Verizon Enterprise Center Link


    Service Team

    Contact Assigned Service Team or subscribe to Premium Client Services (PCS)

  • Call

    Send an e-mail to:


    Verizon Enterprise Center Live Chat



    Account Team

    Contact Assigned Account Team

  • Service Issue


  • Be prepared with the following information

    Billing Account Number / Service ID/ Location ID


    Verizon Enterprise Center Portal


    Service Team

    Contact Assigned Service Team or subscribe to Premium Client Services (PCS)

  • Call > select support > select country


    Verizon Enterprise Center Live Chat

    Verizon Enterprise Center Link – Chat (available under “Support” > “Contact Us & Send Feedback”)


    Account Team

    Contact Assigned Account Team

  • Service Issue


  • Be prepared with the following information

    Service Order ID / Order Request ID / Site Address


    Verizon Enterprise Center Portal

    Verizon Enterprise Center Link


    Service Team

    Contact Assigned Service Team or subscribe to Premium Client Services (PCS)

  • Call

    Contact Assigned Account Team


    Account Team

    Contact Assigned Account Team

  • Frequently asked questions

What service levels are available with Broadband? +

There are no SLAs available on Broadband. The service is delivered as a reasonable effort. SLAs can be provided when combined within the Managed Services suite as well as Broadband with Wireless Backup + SLA. Ask your Verizon Account Team for more details

When will my service be activated / installed? +

Please contact your Order Manager (OM)/ Project Manager (PM). After installation, please open a trouble ticket through your Verizon Enterprise Center portal so the appropriate support group can help you.

Who do I need to call if I have a question about my order? +

Broadband install intervals vary across provider and location and are not subject to SLAs or expedites. There may be contingencies to service availability such as a site survey being required or potential Special Construction.

Can I access Verizon Enterprise Center from a mobile device? +

With Verizon Enterprise Center Mobile, you have access to information you need to manage your critical business functions on-the-go. You can manage your Verizon account from a smartphone or a tablet using the mobile application for single sign-on access to Verizon Enterprise CenterMy Business Account.

Smartphone users can download an app from Google Play or the App Store that supports access to Verizon Enterprise Center, My Business, and Verizon portals. Simply search for “My Verizon Enterprise;” download the app; and conveniently launch right into Quick Tasks or sign in to your business portal for more management options. An icon is added to your phone’s home screen for easy access the next time you log in. Requirements are as follows:

  • App Store: Apple iPhone models that have at least a 13.x iOS version in the U.S. on any carrier or Wi-Fi network.
  • Google Play: Selected devices using an operating system of Android 5 or higher in the U.S. on any carrier or Wi-Fi network

You can also access Verizon Enterprise Center Mobile with a tablet by signing into a browser-based application at The tablet functionality will be the same as the smartphone app, supporting key business functions that vary by the users’ portal and permissions. Accessing the Verizon Enterprise Center from a mobile device or tablet will not provide the same options as the desktop version.

Verizon Enterprise Center portal users can use Quick Tasks for repairs, billing, and some wireless functions or sign-in to get access to key business functions delivering near real-time information to you.

What do I do if I need to change something with my service? +

There may be a time in which you need to make a change to your service. You should contact your Verizon Account Team for assistance.

Where do I go to place a new order? +

If you have a need to place an additional Broadband order, you may contact your Verizon Account Team.

If I think my network is down, how do I verify Verizon is working the issue? +

During your network implementation, you will identify contacts within your organization to be notified in the event of outages. Notifications are e-mailed to these contacts after a trouble ticket has been opened. These e-mails include a ticket number (e.g., 2013103101249 in a year/month/day/ticket number format) that may be entered into Verizon Enterprise Center to review.

If notification is not received from Verizon, you may contact Verizon to open a ticket through the Verizon Enterprise Center portal or through Verizon Customer Service at > select contact us > select country > select support.

Do you manage wireless services? +

Yes. Verizon can provide a Broadband solution offering to you that includes various types of Verizon-purchased private and public wireless services (U.S. and international).

Note: We will not manage any wireless services not purchased through Verizon.

Do you manage security services? +

Yes. If you are interested in having your organization’s security services managed by Verizon, you can contact your Verizon Account Team as Managed Security Services is a separate service from Broadband.

Does Verizon provide any Managed Services? +

Yes. Verizon offers many Managed Service offerings based on our customer’s needs. Ask your Verizon Account Team for more details.

Does Verizon provide any professional services to help with our in house needs? +

Yes. Verizon has professional services to assist with your Broadband implementation, as well as other service needs.

Ask your Verizon Account Team for more details.

When does the billing of the Broadband Services begin? +

Billing for Broadband will commence when the site is installed and activated at your location.

Your billing terms are outlined in your contract terms and Verizon Services Agreement.

A billing tutorial can be found via this link (log-in required).

User Guides for billing and invoices are available on the Customer Training and Documentation website via the following link (log-in required).

Is Wi-Fi an available option on the modem? +

Currently your Broadband modem does not come enabled for Wi-Fi. 

How can I test the bandwidth of my Broadband circuit? +

You may use third-party bandwidth tester applications. Please keep in mind that with all Internet connections, there is inherent variable overhead and public Internet traffic that should be taken into account when measuring delivered bandwidth speed. Such variability may result in Verizon’s delivery of bandwidth that differs from the listed port speed.

Are there some troubleshooting steps I can complete prior to opening a trouble ticket? +

Yes. We recommend you complete the below troubleshooting steps as there are many cases where these steps may resolve your issues without needing to open a trouble ticket.

  • Check for power and lights on the modem
  • Reload/reset/power cycle your Broadband modem
  • Check your connection and the cabling between the back of the modem and your equipment.
How do I find my IP address? +

If you ordered a static IP address your Order Manager will have that information. All other IP addresses are dynamic (the address changes when connecting and disconnecting from the network).

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability. Contact us.