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  • Overview

  • Verizon Web Security (Web Security) provides a security layer between threats to Customer’s internal infrastructure and external web infrastructure that come from the requests that Customer web sites, applications and servers receive and process from outside Customer’s network. Web Security includes 4 primary features: 

    1. Web Application Firewall (WAF): a platform designed to secure site traffic against application layer and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It also filters unwanted traffic hitting a web application by enforcing a custom delivery profile and whitelists/blacklists. WAF inspects inbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic against reactive and proactive security policies and blocks malicious activity in-band and on a near real-time basis.

    2. Web Acceleration delivers content and services to end users securely, quickly, and reliably—globally. Whether you are publishing websites, enabling file downloads, or running e-commerce, it’s an essential service for accelerating content delivery to your customers.

      Web Acceleration also provides rich insights into your customer' experience, enabling you to track engagement with your content and monitor traffic across the network. The self-service portal and APIs enable real-time control as well as high visibility, configurability, customization, and fast, system-wide propagation.

    3. Authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) provides global domain name lookup and translation services. DNS is a network of name lookup servers deployed in multiple data centers and network points of presence  around the world to make it easy for users to reach specific server destinations by simply entering the hostname (e.g. www.verizon.com) into the IP Address of a server). This translation occurs within milliseconds resulting in a significantly improved user experience.

    4. Bot Management  protects online businesses from sophisticated attacks that can potentially result in large scale fraud. Companies get the visibility, detection and mitigation outcomes they need to guard against fraud, reduce cloud hosting, bandwidth and compute costs, improve user experiences, and optimize their business based on actual human traffic.
  • Your Verizon team

  • Your Web Security team will help guide you through the contract signature process to the eventual provisioning of your Web Security service.

Account Manager +
  • The Account Manager is responsible for the sale activities of Web Security to you. The Account Manager is also your initial point of contact for any questions regarding the purchase and implementation of Web Security.

Channel Manager +
  • The Channel Manager assists with user account provisioning and will support on-boarding of up to 5 applications. 

  • Preparing for successful delivery

  • To successfully prepare for delivery of Web Security, there are several steps that must be completed in advance. Our goal is to keep you informed and aware of all the steps.


    Verizon Steps:

    • Upon successful submission of your Web Security order, your Web Security account will be created within the web-based portal.
    • Verizon will generate a welcome email inviting you to complete your Web Security account login and password configuration.


    Customer Steps

    • Customer account administrator should follow the directions in the welcome email to complete the configuration of their account login.
    • The account administrator can establish additional user accounts and determine varying levels of access.

    Login to the Web Security portal is by email invitation only.


    Product Documentation

    Product documentation is available at: https://docs.vdms.com/ as well as within the web-based user portal.

  • Business continuity plan

  • Service disruptions can hurt a company's bottom line and compromise an organization's mission. The economic and reputational imperatives of the current market have shifted the discussion from IT disaster recovery to an enterprise-wide business continuity focus.

    Organizations of all sizes and industry types should have ongoing, enterprise-wide Business Continuity Programs that develop, prepare and exercise the various areas of continuity from critical business processes to IT service availability. The Business Continuity Program should address areas such as Emergency Response, Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans, Supplier Plans, Exercises, and ongoing Business Continuity program management.  

    The goals of today’s most relevant Business Continuity Programs are those providing organizations with an enterprise-wide business continuity focus, that not only includes strategizing and planning for IT service availability and disaster recovery but addresses the ability to manage all areas of critical and continuity activities of the program to help prepare and mitigate the impact from ever-increasing risks threatening to interrupt organizations’ critical processes. 

    Verizon helps our customers to effectively prepare and maintain continuity during planned and unplanned events to help reduce the risk and impact from disruptions. Please contact your Verizon account team for further assistance.

  • Service contact information

  • Service issue


  • Be prepared with the following information:

    Service Order Number

  • Call / Visit

    Contact Assigned Account Team

  • Service issue

    Service Assurance

  • Be prepared with the following information:

    Company name and User’s name


    Previously opened ticket number

  • Call / Visit

    Contact Support at Support Site: https://www.verizondigitalmedia.com/our-company/customer-support/

    Documentation available via the Support Site. 

    Support Team: +1 877-334-3236

Services and/or features are not available in all countries/locations, and may be procured from in-country providers in select countries. We continue to expand our service availability around the world. Please consult your Verizon representative for service availability. Contact us.