XO to Verizon:
Moving forward together

As we work to finalize the migration of select XO services to Verizon, use this as a central location to understand the road ahead.

  • Plan ahead.

    Select XO services will be fully transitioned to the Verizon network, billing system, and online account management portal by July 15th, 2020.

  • You’re on track.

    There’s no action needed on your part. Multiple layers of work to support this effort continue behind the scenes. When complete, you will automatically transition to Verizon networks and billing systems.

  • Here's what to expect.

    Most things will be the same, but eventually, your invoice will arrive in a new layout. Additionally, if you’re an active online myXO user, you’ll receive an invitation to register for the Verizon Enterprise Center.

  • We’re here to help.

    Self-paced training is now available for you in support of the XO to Verizon Migration. Click here to access the Verizon Business Group Customer Training site.  Please refer to the Former XO Customers section.

Video - Verizon Enterprise Center

Understand how to identify your services.

XO services will take on new names as they move over to Verizon services.

  • Former XO service name

  • New Verizon service name

  • Ethernet

  • Dedicated E-Line & Wavelength


  • Private IP (PIP)

  • Dedicated Internet Access

  • Internet Dedicated

  • XO IP Flex

  • IP Flex

  • XO Hosted PBX

  • Hosted PBX

  • XO Enterprise SIP

  • Enterprise SIP

  • Application Performance Management

  • Application Assurance

  • Managed Router (Managed Services)

  • Managed WAN

  • Private Line - TDM Transport

  • Private Line TDM

  • Ethernet Hub & End Link

  • Switched E-Line & Dedicated E-Line


  • E-LAN

    • We’re here.
      And we’re ready.

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

    How will this affect my services? +
    • You’ll notice that some changes to your services are unavailable as work is underway. Please make sure your contact information is correct so that we can continue to send important updates about the progress of the migration. 

    What are the main changes? +
    • Once migration is complete, you will have new account(s) and circuit ID numbers. Also, you’ll automatically receive a paper invoice in a Verizon layout at no charge for the first three months. You can find all of your new information on this invoice. Additionally, any automatic payments, electronic data interchange reporting or paperless invoicing enrollments you may have will need to be reestablished with Verizon. Save time by reenrolling in these options with the Verizon Enterprise Center or contact the support center for help.

    How do I continue to manage my service online? +
    • If you're an active myXO user, you will automatically receive an invitation to register for the Verizon Enterprise Center when your services have migrated in July. Take advantage of this email registration, which will help you map over your online user rights and account information. The Verizon Enterprise Center is the portal you will use in place of myXO to manage your services moving forward. myXO will remain available temporarily for historical information only.

    What happens to Wholesale services? +
    • Wholesale services and users will transition to their own dedicated portal. Find more information on Wholesale here.

    What will change on my invoice? +
    • You will notice, the layout of the Verizon invoice is different. In XO, the loop, port, and CPE are all grouped under the Circuit ID. 

      With Verizon, these items are not grouped by Circuit ID but broken out by Service ID. In addition, invoicing of monthly service charges for XO Dedicated Internet Access, XO IP VPN MPLS and Private Line TDM Transport (renamed as Internet Dedicated, Private IP and Private Line TDM after their move to Verizon billing systems) has changed from invoicing in the current service month to invoicing in arrears in the next service month. This billing change took place after the services moved to Verizon billing and network management systems in July 2020 and will impact your August invoice. As a result, your bill may appear to be less for August because of this bill timing change but will return to expected amounts with the September invoice. Tips to understanding your invoice are in the video on this page.

    Where can I find my invoices? +
    • Invoices generated before August are available in myXO. Invoices from August forward are in the Verizon Enterprise Center.

    Will there be help? +
    • Yes. Our help desk and Customer Support teams are here to answer any questions you may have:  1-800-421-3872.