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Verizon Weblistings

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Attract local customers searching for business like yours

Verizon Business Google Location

List your business on Google, Yahoo, Bing and over 100 other search sites, including local ones for your area.


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Verizon WebListings

Connect with more customers, connect with more sales.

  • Ensure the accuracy of my business information online
  • Promote my business online with:
    - Rich information
    - Customized description
    - Multiple categories, and more
  • Let local customers learn what products
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  • Promote my business with detailed info
    on GoogleMaps, Yahoo Local, YellowPages.com
    and Superpages.com


Why use Verizon WebListings?

While a few customers will search for your business by name, most customers search for a type of business in a particular location. For example, if you own a shoe repair shop in San Francisco, you want to be found when a customer searches for "shoe repair in San Francisco." Verizon WebListings enables your business to appear in search results when people are looking for your type of business in your area.

I already submitted my website to search engines. How is Verizon WebListings different?

While search engine submission is important and may help your website to appear among relevant search results, it is different than being listed on local search sites. Being listed on local search sites will help your business to appear when customers search for your type of business in your particular area instead of directly searching for your business' name.

How long does it take for my business listing to be updated on the Internet?

You can update your business listing on Verizon WebListings at any time. Please note that it may require 4-8 weeks for your listing to be updated across the local search sites.

Does Verizon WebListings guarantee that my business listing will be updated on online business directories?

While Verizon WebListings works closely with local search sites to send frequent business listing updates, we cannot guarantee that all sites will update your listing exactly as you specify, nor that they display all information that Verizon WebListings collects.

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