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Push to Talk Plus (PTT+) FAQs

General Information

  1. What is Push to Talk Plus (PTT+)?

    Push to Talk Plus (PTT+) provides instant communication, walkie-talkie style, on our 4G LTE network or over WiFi. With a push of a button, you can talk to an individual or an entire group.

    It makes it easy to stay connected to family members, friends, team members, workers, clients and more.

    For more information regarding the benefits and features of Push to Talk Plus, and how to get it set up on your account, see our Push to Talk Plus Solutions page.

  2. What's required to use the PTT+ service?

    To use PTT+, you need A subscription to the PTT+ service.

  3. How do I sign up for PTT+?

    To sign up for PTT+, visit the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon.

    Once the PTT+ feature is added to your account, you'll receive a text message stating that you can download the PTT+ app.

  4. How much does PTT+ cost?

    The PTT+ service requires a monthly subscription, which costs $5/month, but promotional rates may be available (visit our Push to Talk page for current pricing and promotions). Download of the PTT+ application is free, but data charges will apply for the download.

  5. Why do I need to activate PTT+?

    You'll be prompted to activate PTT+ when you first open the app after downloading it. This activation process ensures that you're successfully subscribed to PTT+.


  1. What if I have trouble activating PTT+?

    If a problem occurs during the activation process, you'll receive one of the following error messages:

    • Connection to server is not available.

      If you receive this message, you might have a problem with your data connection. Make sure your phone isn't set to Airplane mode and that you're connected to our 4G LTE network or over Wi-Fi. Refer to your phone's User Guide for more information about how to determine if a data connection is available.

    • You are currently not subscribed to the PTT+ service.

      If you receive this message, there might be a problem with your PTT+ subscription. Click the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives or contact your Wireless Program Administrator to make sure your phone is subscribed to PTT+.

    • This service requires a PTT+ subscription and supported phone. Please contact your corporate administrator or customer care.

      If you receive this message, your phone might not be compatible with PTT+ or you might not be subscribed to the PTT+ service.

  2. Why am I not able to sign in to PTT+?

    If your phone is in Airplane mode or if you aren't connected to our 4G LTE network or over WiFi, attempts to sign in to PTT+ may fail. Please check your data connection and try to sign in again later.

  3. Why can't I send an Instant Personal Alert (IPA)?

    If your phone is currently in Do Not Disturb (DND) status, you won't be able to send an IPA. You aren't able to receive a call back while in DND, so the PTT+ app won't let you to send an alert. If you change your presence status to Available, you'll be able to send an IPA.

  4. What can I do if I can't hear incoming PTT+ calls?

    If you can't hear an incoming PTT+ call, your loudspeaker volume may be turned down or your phone may be in Silent mode.

  5. Why can't I hear calls through the speaker in my phone?

    If you're hearing PTT+ calls through your phone's earpiece instead of the loudspeaker:

    • The speakerphone may be set to Off.

      You can change this in the app settings or by pressing the onscreen Speaker icon during a call.

    • The phone ringer may be set to Silent mode.

      When your phone is set to Silent or Vibrate-Only mode, PTT+ calls are heard only through the earpiece.

  6. Why are some PTT+ Quick Group calls shown in the history as a one-to-one call?

    When you receive a Quick Group call, the call history will show a call received only from the originator of the call. This is normal, because you can't return a call to a Quick Group that was created on the fly by someone else.

    Any Quick Group call you initiate, however, will show in the call history with the names of the participants. You can also call that group again from your history.

  7. Why can't I create, update or delete certain PTT+ contacts or groups?

    There are 2 reasons you might not be able to create, modify or delete a contact or group:

    • Administrator-Managed Contacts and Groups

      You can't change or delete contacts or groups that are managed by an administrator. You'll need to contact your PTT+ administrator to make any changes.

    • Corporate-Only Subscriber

      Your PTT+ administrator may have your PTT+ service restricted to have only corporate contacts and groups. This means that only your PTT+ administrator can add, change or remove contacts and groups on your phone. Even though you can't change or remove contacts or groups, you can still make them favorites, add avatars or set colors.

  8. Why can't I change the phone number of a PTT+ contact?

    While the name, avatar, color and favorite status of a contact can be changed, phone numbers can't be changed. If you need to change a contact's phone number, you'll need to delete the contact entirely and add it again with the new phone number.

    Note: Contacts that are managed by an administrator can't be renamed or deleted.

  9. Why doesn't my PTT+ presence status update?

    If you attempt to change your presence status from Available to Do Not Disturb or vice versa, and you don't see your status updated, there may be a communication problem between your phone and the PTT+ server. Signing out and signing in again may solve the problem.

    To sign out, use the Logout setting.

  10. What should I do if I'm having problems using PTT+ over WiFi?

    If you're having trouble using the PTT+ app over WiFi:

    1. Open your phone's web browser to see if your phone is able to access the Internet through the WiFi connection.
    2. If your phone is connected to WiFi and the PTT+ app gives you a "Connection to server is not available" error, make sure the WiFi service provider doesn't require a user name and password. Also, make sure the WiFi app setting is enabled.
    3. In rare circumstances, the PTT+ app may not be able to connect to the PTT+ server over WiFi. In this case, you should disable the WiFi setting in the PTT+ app or turn off the WiFi connection on your phone to use PTT+.


  11. Why isn't my PTT+ call going through?

    A PTT+ call may not be completed for several reasons:

  12. What happens if I change my SIM card while I subscribe to PTT+?

    Your phone may contain a SIM card that lets you move your phone number from one phone to another. If you replace the SIM card in your phone with another that has a different phone number, the PTT+ app will automatically erase your PTT+ history and favorites. It will also restore the contacts and groups associated with the new number (if any exist).

    If this doesn't occur, make sure you're not in Airplane mode. Then turn your phone off and on again.

    After changing the SIM card, the next time you start the PTT+ app, it will ask you to activate or re-register your phone with the PTT+ server. This will ensure that you subscribe to PTT+ service.

  13. What does a "Connection to Server Is Not Available" error message mean?

    This message alerts you that the PTT+ app can't communicate with the PTT+ server. As long as you see this message, you won't be able to receive PTT+ calls or alerts and other users will see your status as offline.

    If you see this message, you should:

    1. Make sure that you have a good signal on your phone.

    2. Try to access a web site using your mobile browser to verify that you have a data connection.

    3. Consider switching over to WiFi on your device if a network is in range.

    This error message will be dismissed once the PTT+ app has automatically reconnected.

  14. What does a "User Busy" error message mean?

    This means the person you're trying to call is either on another PTT+ call or a regular wireless call.

    If you receive this message, you can try your call later or send an alert.

  15. What does a "User Unreachable" error message mean?

    This message is used in the rare case that a contact is shown as Available in your contact list, but is temporarily outside the range of service coverage. In this case, your PTT+ call won't go through. Also the called person's status will be updated to Offline until they reconnect to PTT+ service.

    If this happens, you should wait for their status to be shown as Available and try your call again.

  16. What can I do if the PTT+ app freezes?

    In rare cases, the PTT+ app may suddenly stop working or freeze. If this happens, you should close the app and then open it again.

    Steps to do this vary by device, but you can typically close an app by going to your phone's Settings and using the app manager.

    For device-specific instructions, please refer to your phone's User Guide.


    • Selecting the Uninstall option in your app manager will uninstall the complete PTT+ app from your phone. If this happens, you'll need to reinstall the app and reactivate with the server.
    • Selecting the Clear Data option in your app manager will clear your history, favorites list and settings within the PTT+ client. Your contacts and groups will automatically be restored during activation, but your avatars and color customizations won't be restored.

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