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Verizon Wireless Launches Prepay Version Of Its Popular National Flat-Rate Calling Plan

Verizon Wireless Launches Prepay Version Of Its Popular National Flat-Rate Calling Plan

Hawaii Customers May Lock Into Special Introductory Rates
With Up To 50% More Minutes

July 9, 2001



Verizon Wireless today launched National Prepay Wireless service in Hawaii. This pay-as-you-go wireless option offers customers advantages similar to those of the company's all-inclusive digital SingleRate plans, which include no long distance charges and no roaming fees throughout most of the company's national network, and adds the simplicity and predictability of paying in advance. The new service combines per-minute rates that are among the lowest of national prepay plans and competitive with many post-pay plans, with calling on the most comprehensive, advanced wireless network in the US.

National Prepay Wireless replenishment cards are available in denominations ranging from $30 for 60 airtime minutes, to $150 for 750 minutes. Depending on the denomination, calls could cost as little as 20-cents per minute. These prices include local and long distance calling as well as roaming on most of the company's national network. Hawaii customers who purchase a National Prepay Starter card by July 31st will receive a special introductory offer with up to 50% more minutes and 10-cent weekend minutes, bringing weekday calls to as little as 13-cents to 33-cents per minute. The additional minutes and the special 10-cent weekend rate will stay with the customer for as long as they keep their National Prepay account active by buying replenishment cards in the future.

As with the company's traditional digital plans, features like Voice Mail and Call Waiting are included at no additional cost. The unique advantage of National Prepay Wireless for consumers is that there are no monthly bills, monthly fees, credit checks or long-term agreements.

"This is a high-quality wireless option for prepay customers, combining the predictability of prepay with the simplicity of flat-rate pricing and the sophistication of digital features and national calling," said Tony Simpson, Regional President, Verizon Wireless. "This product continues our commitment to offer simple, affordable, national products."

Verizon Wireless' National Prepay plan requires a dual-mode or tri-mode digital phone, which allows users to roam for a flat rate on most of the company's coast-to-coast network.

National Prepay also features real-time account updates to the consumer. Before every call, the customer hears a recording stating their available minutes for that particular call. After each call, the customer hears a recording stating their dollar account balance. Additionally, customers receive a reminder tone every minute as soon as the balance reaches four minutes.

For convenience, starter cards and prepay replenishment cards are available at most of the company's 16,000 retail outlets nationwide, including the company's own 1,100 Communications Stores. Prepay cards also can be replenished using a credit card by calling an 800 number or on-line at at

"National Prepay Wireless makes sense for wireless users across many segments-from the business traveler whose company wants to manage telecom expenses, to the college student whose parents want her to keep in touch, but withspending limits," Simpson added.

Verizon Wireless' National Prepay is the nation's largest wireless provider's offer to get you on line with the ease and security of paying in advance.

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