Webex Contact Center

Connect with your customers using a next-generation cloud-based contact center built for the future of customer experience.

What it is

Webex Contact Center is a next-gen, enterprise-grade, cloud-based contact center solution with omnichannel contact options.

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Transform the customer experience

Webex Contact Center is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud contact center solution that transforms a customer’s contact center experience with cross-channel support and robust self-service, all seamlessly delivered over Verizon’s reliable network.

Cloud agility and scalability

As a cloud-based solution, Webex Contact Center brings the innovation, scalability and agility of the cloud to your business without sacrificing security, enabling rapid time to market while minimizing upfront capital investments.

CRM integrations

Easily integrate contact-center operations into several industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and others.

Expanded solution

Webex Contact Center easily integrates with the Webex suite of products—Webex Calling, Messaging and Meetings—which can be managed as a unified administrative experience via Webex Control Hub. 

Single sign-on

Users can simplify login and password management with a single sign-on to access all applications and services. 

Improved tracking and control

Get greater control over every customer interaction from a centralized point. Track which agents, teams, sites and partners are available at any given time and send each interaction to agents with the best skills for resolving an issue. 

Seamless collaboration to empower agents

Enable agents to engage peers inside and outside your contact center to help improve your customers’ experiences and optimize outcomes from every interaction.


Digital-first experiences

Support diverse customer channels (calls, text, chat, email, and social media) while also providing customers with options for fast and easy self-service, 24/7. 


Agent satisfaction

An AI-powered, experience-focused desktop, including customer journey information and analytics, supports first-call resolution, greater overall agent satisfaction and improved retention.

Flexible platform

Scale and add features efficiently. User tools, such as a drag-and-drop flow control builder, empower greater flexibility and management without burdening  IT resources.

CRM integration

Integrate your cloud-based contact center solution with leading CRM applications such as Salesforce to help reduce contact switching.

Improved operations

Analyze and manage your contact center with web-based tools that optimize operational efficiency. Manage agent performance with features such as call monitoring, coaching and barge-in.

UC integration

Unify your business communications and services by integrating  Webex collaboration and contact center tools so that agents can reach experts in the organization to help customers.


Routing and queue management

Intelligently distribute calls across teams and agents, including remote agents at multiple sites.

Flow builder

Build customer contact flows using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Remote agent support

Maintain consistency across teams with automatic call distribution (ACD) features that work the same for all agents, local or remote, regardless of their phone endpoints.

Callback options

Enable your customers to keep their positions in the queue and receive a callback when the agent is available.

Self-service IVR

Take advantage of both touch-tone and speech-enabled interactive voice response (IVR) for inbound and outbound calls and callbacks.

Virtual agent chat and voice

Give customers intuitive, online self-service, 24/7, using a chatbot for simple inquiries. IVR can provide a natural self-service experience for voice-over-the-phone inquiries.

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Why choose us


years of partnership with Cisco


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Contact center infrastructure in the cloud

The ability to quickly resolve customers' issues is critical to maintaining their loyalty—and the cloud can help.

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Solutions Brief

Inspired by customers and built for business

With Webex Contact Center from Verizon, you can delight your customers, inspire your team and offer personalization on every channel, nearly anywhere, anytime.

Oct 12, 2021 ,  5 min read

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Cloud contact centers: Empower your employees.

Cloud contact center technology offers a set of cloud-based resources that empowers staff to turn their home offices into a virtual call center.

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Make every customer interaction a delight.

Webex Contact Center digital-first tools connect customers to the right agents, transforming the customer experience.

Jan 4, 2022,  2 min read

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A cloud contact center is designed and built as a SaaS cloud solution, bringing the innovation, flexibility, scalability and agility of the cloud to your business without sacrificing security. As a cloud-based solution, Webex Contact Center enables speed to market and new bot-driven revenue opportunities while minimizing upfront capital investments.

With Webex Contact Center, your customers can reach your business using their preferred channel of communication. For your agents, an AI-powered desktop provides full visibility into the customer journey and a complete customer history—including previous feedback—to help personalize customer conversations.

Webex Contact Center is an ideal choice for:

  • Enterprises looking to level up their customer experiences
  • Organizations looking for a unified secure platform with the integrated calling and collaboration that Webex provides
  • Companies looking to move their on-premises contact center capabilities to the cloud
  • Organizations looking to provide AI and omnichannel experiences for customers

Once you’ve decided that moving to a cloud contact center is the right strategic move for your business, you’ll need a migration plan and a partner that can help you design and deploy your solution, prioritizing the customer experience at every step. Verizon has more than 30 years of contact center experience. We’re also a Cisco Gold Certified partner and Cisco Authorized Technology Provider for Unified Contact Centers. Let us help you design a customized, next-generation cloud contact center solution with Webex Contact Center.  Designed and built as a SaaS solution, Webex Contact Center can bring the security, innovation and agility of the cloud to your business without sacrificing scalability.


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