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What it is

STIR/SHAKEN call authentication service requires carriers to digitally sign calls originated by customers, using the same public-key cryptography process that secures e-commerce websites.

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Verified numbers

Secure Telephony Identity Revisited/Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (STIR/SHAKEN) compliance requires carriers to digitally sign calls originated by their customers, helping to verify that a call is not spoofed.

Call filter algorithm

Verizon uses STIR/SHAKEN technology to update our spam detection algorithm used by Call Filter, which may reduce the chances of incorrectly blocking or identifying a “good” call as “Potential Spam.”

Greater caller confidence

Verizon does not block calls based on STIR/SHAKEN data alone, but it is another input into our call analytics platform that helps give organizations and their customers confidence that their call is legitimate.

Benefits and features

Robocall reduction

Identify inbound robocalls to your contact center and interactive voice response system.

Voice security

Help customers know who’s really calling with digitally signed and attested call headers.

Standard expertise

Feel confident in solutions that are backed by federal and industry best practices.

Proven technology

Use the same security processes that already protect e-commerce websites.

Spam protection

Increase customer answer rates by reducing the number of legitimate calls marked as spam.

Improved CX

Customers can feel like they can answer the phone again.

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Facts about STIR/SHAKEN

Verizon is working to restore trust in voice calling.

Jul 22, 2020 ,  2 min read

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How to communicate more effectively

Fight back against voice fraud and unwanted robocalls.

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Secure Telephony Identity Revisited/Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (STIR/SHAKEN) is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-mandated, carrier-based telecom industry solution that uses digital signatures to authenticate the origin of phone calls. Its purpose is to increase trust that the information on a caller ID display is the actual originating party.

The volume of fraudulent, spam, spoofed and unwanted robocalls has eroded trust in voice calls to the point that, by some estimates, more than half of all calls are not being answered. That’s an untenable situation for businesses, customers and carriers alike.

STIR/SHAKEN uses public key cryptography and digital certificates to authenticate phone calls, similar to the way that e-commerce websites secure their traffic. Carriers can digitally sign phone calls and authenticate those signatures to help ensure the call is from the legitimate caller.

STIR/SHAKEN can help identify inbound robocalls to your contact center and interactive voice response system, and leverage automated voice authentication and self-service options. It can also help customers know who’s really calling with trusted caller ID data, so they can be confident they’re receiving legitimate calls from your company.

Consumers should not notice any functional change to their caller ID displays, other than the ability to better trust the data they see.

All carriers are required to use STIR/SHAKEN. Verizon sits on the board of the STIR/SHAKEN governance group, helping to establish policy and regulatory frameworks, to build standards and testing protocols, and to select certificate authorities. We are also investing in our network infrastructure to add capabilities to inbound and outbound calling.


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