Voice Call Back Cloud

Elevate caller experiences and retention.

What it is

Puts incoming calls into a cloud-based virtual queue with innovative callback capabilities that help transform call center success.

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Ecosystem integration: Voice Call Back Cloud helps you create a natural flow from your interactive voice response (IVR) solution to your callback and queue management experience.

Professional experience: We provide professional IVR voice prompts for callback right out of the box, so your callback offer can sound legitimate.

Flexibility: Voice Call Back Cloud lets you offer the callback option during the IVR stage after your IVR authentication, segmentation and self-service options. 

Inform callers of callback option early: You can present the callback option early to help eliminate the frustration of being put in a hold queue before knowing there’s a callback option.

End-of-day and after-hours strategies: Our customer callback and queue management solution also gives you the flexibility to execute different callback strategies for end of day and after hours, so you can prevent call build-up at the end of normal business hours.

Create your own callback offer: Customize your estimated callback time (ECBT) offer to be as compelling as you like. That includes providing some good news before announcing the ECBT.

Best-practice capabilities: Includes smart rules for customizing 35 different callback settings, pacing synchronization, SMS status notifications to update callers, callback confirmations, reminders, customer-first dialing, agent-first dialing, post-callback surveys and more. 

Consistent customer experience: Voice Call Back Cloud can integrate with all of your communication channels across all your business units, regardless of size or infrastructure, to help create consistent customer experiences to minimize customers abandoning you. 

Embedded click-to-call scheduler: Customers browsing your site or chatting with an agent can receive a callback using the click-to-call scheduler, enabling a “let us call you” experience.

Digital and voice options: Callers can request a callback from a digital or voice channel, which can help minimize hold times. These requests retain call context and additional information about the call across all channels.

Collected information: Call context information includes information collected from IVR interactions prior to the callback offer, a chat session, or a webpage trail and input to assist the agent during the return call.

Cloud benefits: Minimizes implementation issues and provides immediate benefits without the need for hardware or software on your premises. This includes providing instant access to new features and capabilities as soon as they’re available.


Reduced hold

Empower your customers to choose whether to remain on hold to improve customer satisfaction, increase brand loyalty and optimize contact center performance.

Customer choice

Let customers schedule a callback at a more convenient time or when the next agent becomes available.

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Agent efficiency

Use customer-first callbacks to dial the caller first to mitigate agent idle time.

Fewer repeats

Minimize excessive repeat calls that can negatively impact the accuracy of workforce management forecasting.

Lower costs

As a cloud-based service, Voice Call Back Cloud requires no additional on-premises equipment, eliminates maintenance costs and enables rapid implementation.

Improved efficiency

Integrates with Verizon contact center solutions, as well as other automatic call distribution (ACD) and Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions.


Adjustable callback pacing

Having only one pacing setting can put operational efficiency at risk. Instead of only relying on first-in, first-out (FIFO) pacing, you can slow down or speed up pacing based on changing needs.

Customer-first and agent-first dialing

The flexibility to deploy either customer-first or agent-first dialing for different lines of business or agent pools can help increase agent satisfaction and productivity.

Predictive algorithms

Get the flexibility to modify how callback works during regular business hours, right before closing and after closing. The solution also uses predictive algorithms to help you decide whether or not to call back near or after closing.

Callback double check

Maintain queue integrity by checking inbound phone numbers against those already in the callback queue, and  gently reminding and preventing callers from doubling up on scheduled callbacks.

Callback notifications

Build trust with your customers with immediate push-out text confirmations after a caller schedules a callback, as well as texting reminders about upcoming scheduled calls.

Advanced analytics

Measure KPIs critical to score impact, including average response time, punctuality, wait time and call time to further help you improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

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Why choose us

2.7 M+

Callers who chose to receive a callback in 2019


66 M+

Minutes of queue time eliminated in 2019


Years of customer hold time saved

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Yes. It easily links your customers’ digital journey with their voice journey for a true end-to-end view.

Automated callback software improves customer experiences by eliminating or minimizing customer hold times by giving callers the option to receive a callback at a later time rather than waiting on hold.

High call volumes can create stress for agents and frustration for customers. Callback technology like Verizon Voice Call Back Cloud combines queue management, robust callback capabilities and predictive algorithms to reduce the length of hold queues during peak times by giving the customer the option to receive a callback without losing their place in the queue or to be called back at a more convenient time. It can also help workforce managers more efficiently forecast staffing needs and better manage the risk of overstaffing or understaffing.


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