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Dedicated Internet Access Dedicated Internet Access

Grow your business

Get guaranteed bandwidth as you need it to accommodate new employees, apps and data sharing.


Keep your business connected

Verizon delivers internet speeds and high network reliability, backed up by stringent service-level agreements.


Manage costs

Our dedicated internet pricing options let you pay only for the bandwidth and services you need.


Backed by Verizon

High-performing internet demands a high-performance network. Verizon has the speed and reliability you need.


Cloud technology & critical applications put greater demands on your network, we can help. 

Dedicated internet Access benefits include:

Meeting demands with proven high-speed fiber internet connectivity, backed by strong SLAs.

Scaling speeds and bandwidth up or down as your needs change.

Combine dedicated bandwidth with a cloud-based security system and protect your network against threats.

Verizon Dedicated Internet Services gives you speed, reliability, and pricing that fits your business.

Fast connections

We offer speed options from T1 to 100 Gbps, with access over Ethernet or T1.


Strong SLAs and QoS options

Our Dedicated Internet service is backed by stringent service level agreements (SLAs) and quality-of-service (QoS) options.

Flexible pricing

Affordable burstable and tiered pricing options let you adapt to changing usage patterns when managing connectivity for important business applications.

Broad coverage

Our single-provider Dedicated Internet access is supported by an extensive global IP backbone for all your public IP connectivity.

Your choice of equipment

We offer integrated access devices from ADTRAN, Cisco, or Cradlepoint.

Installation and maintenance

Our technicians can install your equipment and provide ongoing maintenance, including 24/7 proactive monitoring.

Wireless backup

Choose our 4G LTE wireless backup feature with 1 GB monthly data allowance to maintain critical communications in the event of a wireline outage. 

Internet Broadband Pro

If your building is linked to our network, you can more easily and affordably take advantage of enterprise-grade speeds and networking services designed specifically for growing companies.

DDoS Prevention

Reduce downtime and minimize business risk with our DDoS Security solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order Dedicated Internet services?

Our experts are happy to help you at any point during your researching and purchasing process. Whether you need help deciding which level of service best fits your needs or would like to walk through the purchase process with a representative, we're always available. You can request a quote online or call and speak to one of our business experts.

What should I expect after ordering?

Once you've purchased Dedicated Internet services, you'll receive an email confirming your order. Within four business hours of your purchase, one of our experts will call to discuss your order and possible installation dates. Finally, you can expect a steady flow of communication throughout the installation process, with frequent order status updates.


How can I manage my account online?

The Verizon Enterprise Center lets you securely manage your account, control your network, and generate reports on your desktop or mobile device. With 24x7 online access, you can review invoices, pay bills, order services, and place and monitor repair tickets at your convenience.


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Put Verizon reliability at the heart of your network.

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