Business Ethernet Services

Unify your employees, apps and devices with reliable business ethernet services and a secure company-wide network.

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  • Connect in more ways

    Verizon offers four types of Ethernet services, for networks from the simple to the complex. 

  • Streamline your network

    Our gigabit ethernet services give you a single platform for multiple services and network protocols.

  • Bounce back quickly

    Disaster recovery and failover options help keep your business available to your customers.

  • Move at Verizon speed

    Our business ethernet services support speeds up to 10 Gbps, so you never need to slow down.

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To keep your employees working effectively, those connections need to be secure, fast & flexible.

Benefits of Business Ethernet Services

  • Seamlessly growing your network with a single platform for your wide area networking (WAN) apps and services
  • Staying productive through network disruptions with a number of disaster recovery features
  • Simplify operations across a common platform and access services with ethernet handoff

Verizon Business Ethernet Service gives you the power and flexibility to build the network your business needs.

A full range of speeds

We support a wide range of speeds, from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps. So when your business is ready to grow, you'll have access to the bandwidth you need.

A platform for your network

Verizon Ethernet is a common access platform for wide area networking (WAN) applications and services.

Flexible configuration options

Build the network you want: Run IP- and non-IP-based services, move different data types and connect Ethernet or Private IP circuits to a single access.

Tools to manage costs

You can use point-to-multipoint or fully meshed connections to manage your monthly costs. And Ethernet routers are typically less expensive to configure.

Business continuity options

Built-in backup means your business can recover faster when disaster hits.

Dynamic bandwidth

Some Ethernet services, like switched E-Line, offer dynamic bandwidth so you can scale up and down as needed.

Service options

We'll work closely with you to help standardize, simplify and gain control over your network using one or more of our Ethernet products.

Ethernet handoff

For one or more Ethernet, internet, or Private IP networks on a common platform, Ethernet Handoff delivers a converged architecture, a common platform for simple operations, and fast speeds with low prices.

Dedicated E-Line

Get dedicated point-to-point or point-to-multipoint routes across the network, predictable latency and redundant connections with a diversity of options for business continuity.

Switched E-LAN

Switched E-LAN is protocol-transparent, and works with any-to-any WAN with four classes of service. It also includes MAC address routing and is multicast- and broadcast-supported.

Switched E-Line

Ideal for linking multiple locations, Switched E-Line gives your business point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, dynamic bandwidth and monitoring tools.

  • Save time. Control costs. Get a better network.

  • Let our Managed Network Services teams help you fine-tune & secure your network.

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