Ethernet services:
Cloud, data center and
office connectivity

Maximize control with secure and reliable Ethernet Services that are compliant
to the MEF 3.0 industry standards.

High service availability meets
low latency.

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    • Benefit from a fully redundant fiber-optic core with 100% network availability
    • Prioritize traffic for critical and real-time applications with multiple classes of service
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    • Get speeds up to 10 Gbps to connect locations within a metro area, across the country or around the world
    • Connect headquarters, branches, data centers and clouds in a point-to-point, hub-and-spoke or any-to-any connection
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    • Dynamically modify the network quickly and seamlessly with self-service options
    • Simplify integration with this familiar technology to manage and support your existing business applications

Link offices, data centers and
business sites with a secure
Ethernet solution.

E-Line and E-LAN Ethernet services from Verizon help you reliably connect every aspect of your business while managing costs and supporting your business continuity planning.


  • Dedicated bandwidth

    Deliver optimal performance for critical applications using reliable and secure connections.

  • Flexible options

    Dynamically modify or schedule bandwidth based on performance requirements.

  • Traffic prioritization

    Help provide optimal performance for critical and real-time applications depending on your delivery priorities and needs.

  • Connectivity that scales

    Access speeds up to 10 Gbps to connect to data centers, cloud providers, HQs and branches.

  • Routing control

    Keep your routing tables private to your organization.

  • Business continuity

    Help speed recovery with built-in resilience when disaster strikes.

  • MEF 3.0 certified

    Verizon’s Ethernet Services conform to the highest levels of performance, assurance and agility established by MEF, the industry’s defining authority for standardized network services.

  • Expertise

    Let us help you assess your applications’ sensitivity to packet delivery, latency, availability and time to repair.

  • Self-service agility

    Dynamic Network Manager enables you to increase or decrease port speeds on demand and view traffic to help meet unplanned or periodic demands.

Explore Network
as a Service.

Ethernet Services can be a critical component of an agile and flexible NaaS infrastructure.  Learn more about Verizon’s network services—the most innovative and secure solutions to unleash your organization's potential.


  • Satellite Access:  Data Acceleration and Encryption

    Learn about critical topics needed to effectively deliver data with reduced latency and encryption protection for satellite connectivity.

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  • A single connection for more efficient operations

    Connect your network services across offices, data centers and business sites on a single Ethernet connection.

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  • Dedicated connections; better control

    Control the traffic on your local or wide area networks with dedicated, reliable and secure Verizon Ethernet Services.

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  • A retail bank modernizes its network to enhance growth.

    A faster network helped this retail bank improve customer experiences and power new digital services.

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  • Cloud-to-cloud Networking

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Frequently asked questions

What services complement Verizon Ethernet Services? +
  • We can meet a wide variety of network connectivity needs with a full suite of products and services that complement Ethernet, including:

    • Managed Software Defined WAN (SD WAN) for network automation that can help simplify operations and improve agility
    • Virtual Network Services (VNS) to spin up new services and capabilities on demand in a plug-and-play manner
    • Software Defined Interconnect that enables automated, no-touch connections to the cloud and data centers
Is Software Defined Interconnect available with Verizon Ethernet Services? +
  • Yes, Software Defined Interconnect is available with all Ethernet Services to provide:

    • Software-driven connections to 200+ cloud service providers
    • Fast installs with scalable bandwidth up to 10 Gbps
    • Fixed, low-cost, monthly subscription per connection
How do I know which Ethernet solution is best for my organization? +
  • Our team is ready to help you determine which solution is best for you. Some key considerations may include:

    • Whether you have applications that require ultra-low latency, like those in financial and banking-related industries
    • Whether your organization wants to retain routing tables
    • If your organization is also looking for backup solutions for business continuity
Where is Verizon Ethernet available? +

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