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Fios Internet Fios Internet

Upgrade your business to Verizon.

Enable superior video conferencing with upload speeds up to 4x faster then cable, with 99.9% network reliability.

Business Digital Voice

Business-grade VoIP, with 30+ built-in features keeps you connected, even when your working remotely.

Self – Install option

Self - Install option may now be available to eligible new Fios Data only customers. See if your address qualifies. Check availability

Beyond the switch

When you switch to Verizon Fios, you get more than a provider. You get a powerful partner, committed to keeping your business ready.

How fast is your business internet now?

Take the speed testTake the speed test

Get the most from your business internet.

It's easy. Just choose any plan with a 2 year term and price guarantee, and we'll include these additional money-saving benefits:

  • $85 Business Digital Voice Phone credit
  • Tech Support Pro free for 2 months
  • Early Termination Fee allowance of up to $1500
  • Additional VoIP lines as low as $20

Combine Fios Gigabit Connection and Business Unlimited Plus wireless plan and save $40 total per month. i

Choose the right Fios Internet plan for your business.

100/100 Mbps

1-Year Price Guarantee


Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges.

Check availability

+$25/mo for 1 Business Digital Voice line

300/300 Mbps

2-Year Price Guarantee


Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges.

Check availability

+$10/mo for 1 Business Digital Voice line
+No activation fee (save $49)
+$400 Bonus for online bundled orders. $300 Bonus for offline bundled orders.

Gigabit Connection

Up to 940/880 Mbps

3-Year Price Guarantee


Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges.

Check availability

+1 Business Digital Voice line included
+No activation fee (save $49)
+$500 Bonus for online bundled orders. $400 Bonus for offline bundled orders.

Bundle upsell Bundle upsell Bundle upsell

Need reliable connectivity that scales?

What other services are available with Fios Business Internet?

Business Internet Secure

Help safeguard your business with Business Internet Secure from Verizon: Device Protection. Internet Protection. 24/7 Security Support.


Tech Support Pro

US-based, expedited routing help desk for all your business IT network needs. 24/7 Pro agents help connect new devices, PC tune up, Cloud support and more.


Verizon Cloud

Back up your files to the cloud and share them securely from your computer or smartphone.

Business Preferred

Get priority call routing with faster response times to our support team, plus all the benefits of Tech Support Pro and inside wire maintenance.

Guest Wi-Fi

Give your customers a secure network to browse the web, while keeping your business network private.


Veteran / Military Offer

Save up to $10/mo on select Fios Business Internet.

With appreciation to those who serve our country. Active Duty, Retiree, Reservist, Cadet, Veteran, or Gold Star Family member owned business may be able to save on Fios with military discounts


Get the right equipment for your Fios network.

If you're already a Verizon customer please Sign in or visit our Equipment store to buy these products.

Fios Quantum Gateway*

$199.99 or $9.99/mo


Fios Quantum Gateway connects you to the internet wirelessly, delivering the fastest Wi-Fi available, full-throttle file transfers and reliable streaming video delivery.

*Based on Internet speed plans and maximum router throughput available.

fios quantum gateway
See more

Fios Network Extender

$99.99 or $6/mo

Rental fee waived for 12 months with select 2-year term plans*


The Fios Network Extender broadens your network's reach by amplifying your Wi-Fi signal to improve coverage throughout the building-keeping you and your employees connected.

fios network extender
See more


- Guest Wi-Fi - separate secure/encrypted LAN networks, one for owner/ employees and another for the your clients/customers

- Share Internet access with all your devices at the same time

- Protect your devices with high-level security features

- Set operational controls and features

- Improve your video streaming experiences with AC compatible devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad

- 2-year warranty


- Wireless technology enables devices to run at the fastest Wi-Fi speed available

- Enables faster speed and greater Wi-Fi range compared to other router technologies (802.11B,G and/or N standards)

- Delivers outstanding performance for current and future bandwidth needs

- Dual Band feature allows for separation for older wireless technology devices

- Includes Improved Set Up Wizard/User Interface

The Fios Quantum Gateway Guest Wi-Fi

The Fios Quantum Gateway has two SSIDs which allow separate secure/encrypted LAN Networks, one for owner/employees and another for your clients/customers. This feature will allow you to grant access to clients or customers without putting your network settings and files at risk. It also gives you these great features:

- Powerful 1.2GHz ARM CPU

- Fully customizable firewall

- 130 Mbps wireless with its 802.11n wireless chipset

- 802.11b/g/n 2x2 Wi-Fi and MoCA

- Networking at speeds of up to 500 Mbps wired

Take your network farther

Get the most from your Fios Quantum™ Gateway and Wi-Fi network by teaming it with the Fios Network Extender 802.11 ac.

Why it's useful

While Wi-Fi networks offer great mobility and convenience, unfortunately they are also subject to interference from other electronics and devices and building infrastructure. The Fios Network Extender 802.11 ac helps solves many of those common connection problems that can reduce Wi-Fi coverage. It receives the Wi-Fi  signals from your current router and extends it to cover more area, helping to overcome inconvenient layouts and dead zones.

Increases your Wi-Fi capability

- Expands the reach and potential of your Wi-Fi network

- Boosts Wi-Fi signal to areas with challenging reception

- Manages multiple devices with just one adapter

- Automatically configures and connects easily to your existing network

Key features

- Simple network device enabling the bridging of Ethernet, Coax (MoCA) and Wi-Fi

- Two GiGE Ethernet ports

- Dual Band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz ratios: 2.4 GHz - provides lower speeds with longer range (for email, surfing and IM), and 5 GHz - delivers faster speeds with shorter range (better for HD video)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of bundling with Business Digital Voice?

In addition to significant cost savings, bundling with Business Digital Voice gives you better control over your business communications-whether you're in the office or on the road.

Can I use my own router?

We recommend that you utilize a Verizon-provided router as these routers have been tested and approved for use with Fios Internet.

Will my phone number change when I switch to Verizon?

When you switch phone companies, you will have the option of keeping your current Standard Phone number.

Do I have to be present for installation?

If installation is required, an authorized person who is at least 18 years old must be present during the installation.

How can I change my scheduled installation date?

Use your order number to access the What's Next page and change your installation date.

How many lines can I order at one time?

You can order up to five Phone lines online with your new service. If you need more, just speak to one of our Solutions specialists.

Can I install Fios myself?

Self- Install options may now be available for Fios Data only customers
Call 1.888.328.8033 and ask how we can bring Fios safely to your business.

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