5G Edge Crowd Analytics

Enable guests and spectators to navigate through crowded venues and other spaces based on traffic-flow pattern analysis and wayfinding digital signage.

  • Transform in-venue experiences using crowd management technology backed by 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength.

  • With the help of Verizon 5G Edge with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength, Crowd Analytics can enable better guest experiences in stadiums and other venues by extending compute and network infrastructure in close proximity to these facilities. The service analyzes traffic- and congestion-flow patterns to help reduce wait times at key areas. It also provides informational and wayfinding digital signage and mobile applications to help guests navigate venues for a better overall experience.

5G Edge Crowd Analytics is best for:

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    Venue owners and operators who want to provide space-time crowd-flow optimization

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    Sporting and entertainment organizations that operate stadiums, arenas and other facilities

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    Small and local venues that want to welcome guests safely back into their spaces in a more efficient way

  • 5G 360° camera hardware that analyzes crowd

    What is it?

    5G Edge Crowd Analytics leverages the power of 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength to deploy sensor monitoring throughout a venue that tracks and analyzes nonpersonal data about where crowds are gathering, traffic-flow patterns and overall congestion. The insights derived from collected data can then be displayed on publicly viewable digital signage monitors or shared directly with guests in real time using wayfinding and mobile app application programming interfaces (APIs), enabling patrons to make smarter decisions as they navigate through venues.

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    How does it help you?

    Help maximize the efficiency and safety of your space, while improving the overall guest experience. Crowd Analytics provides key data and analytics to optimize how guests can interact with the venue space and facilities to enhance their overall experience.

Features and benefits

5G Edge Crowd Analytics provides more than just a safe way to welcome guests back into crowded venues.

  • MEC-based technologies

    Minimize wait times through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and remote cameras.

  • Location-based services

    Help patrons navigate to their destinations using heat mapping and lidar sensors to track guest traffic data.

  • Operations dashboard for venue operators

    Receive detailed insights about traffic flow and congestion based on real-time analytics and operations data.

  • 5G speeds

    Excite and engage patrons through  low-latency, immersive in-venue experiences powered by 5G.

  • Digital signage

    Provide users with helpful information, such as restroom wait times, shortest concession lines and more, using simple mobile app APIs.

  • Simple integration

    Get up and running quickly with full solution bundles that feature simple technology integrations.

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