Mobile Private Network

Bring your secure private network to employees where they need access.


  • Securely extend your apps and wireless resources where your employees and devices need them.

  • The Verizon Mobile Private Network wireless access point (WAP) solution gives your people and their devices seamless, secure access to your organization’s network. It enables employees to stay productive and connected to critical tools and data anywhere our wireless network is available.


Mobile Private Network is best for:

  • Briefcase


    Financial, legal services, healthcare or other organizations that require secure access to sensitive data

  • Buildings


    Enterprises and companies of any size with large mobile workforces or Internet of Things (IoT) devices looking for secure network connectivity

  • Government icon


    Government and public safety agencies that need to connect field workers to confidential or mission-critical information 


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    What is it?

    Mobile Private Network is a wireless access point (WAP) solution that gives employees direct access to your organization’s internal network by segregating your traffic when they’re connecting with mobile devices.

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    How does it help you?

    It helps boost productivity with secure access to critical tools and data where your employees and devices need them. With Mobile Private Network, you can have a secure, scalable foundation for adopting new wireless platforms and technologies.

Features and benefits

Take control of your mobile network with these Mobile Private Network features.

  • Traffic management

    Create preferences for mission-critical applications, and achieve more predictable network performance.

  • Cost sharing

    Control who can send and receive traffic, and share costs with multiparty billing.


  • Authorized access

    Help prevent unauthorized traffic on the private network to reduce risk from unsolicited external traffic (select Verizon wireline services required).

  • Reliable security

    Maintain security using split-data routing to isolate your data from the public internet.


  • Nationwide access

    Gain private network access wherever there’s Verizon Wireless coverage.


  • Scalable

    Set up new devices easily—no need for complicated device configurations.


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