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Private IP Private IP

Get ready to grow

Scale your business with a private IP network that lets you easily add devices and services. 

Simplify and control costs

A private IP network lets you run voice, data and apps on a single, simple network infrastructure.

Trusted reliability

The IP networking standard is time-tested, reliable and used by businesses worldwide.

Verizon expertise

Let our experts plan and install a simple, reliable virtual private network solution.

Flexible internal networks help your business be more agile & automate processes.

Private IP Network benefits:

Combining scalability, connectivity and proven reliability of the internet's IP networking standard with the security of a virtual private network (VPN).

Consolidating voice, data, and applications onto a single infrastructure that can scale smoothly. 

Connect all of your locations virtually rather than physically with layer 3 routing. 

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Let our experts help protect your network

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