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Threat Intel and Response Services Threat Intel and Response Services

Emergency Assistance

You'll work with your own dedicated investigative liaison, giving you a single point of contact during a security breach.

Threat Intelligence

Our experts can assess your current security procedures, identify gaps and make suggestions to address them.

Incident Response Support

Our incident hotline is open 24/7 and our teams operate around the globe. Give us a call and we'll get to work fast.

Work with Verizon's experts

Our team has analyzed over 250,000 security incidents, giving us a comprehensive understanding of cyber security.

Our experts immerse themselves in your business so they can bring their experience to your situation. 

Best for:

Forensic investigations, e-discovery, litigation support, data recovery, in-depth malware analysis, hacking, viruses, phishing, data loss, false/fake emails, ransomware, and much more

The perspective and cyber intelligence you need to give you the upper hand in investigations, forensics and discovery

Our Rapid Response Retainer teams helps your business avoid cyberattacks, investigate and recover quickly.

Incident response planning

Prepare for changes in your business, like mergers and acquisitions, by identifying security issues, addressing them and strengthening your defenses.

Cyber breach and IT investigations

When devices or data go missing, we can help you identify the cause, contain it, verify the extent of the losses, and take steps to limit the damage.

E-discovery and litigation support

If a security issue goes to court, we can help—with secure evidence handling, computer forensic analysis, in-court testimony and electronic data recovery.

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