Managed Security
Information and
Event Management

Take your SIEM investment to the next level.

Continuously and accurately monitor your SIEM data.

Companies and their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools are generating more data than ever, leaving you struggling to identify the imminent threats around your business. Simply monitoring SIEM data is not enough—you need streamlined event escalation processes and experts that know what to look for.  

With Verizon’s Managed Security Information and Event Management (Managed SIEM) services, you get a tailored operational model that integrates Verizon security and intelligence capabilities with your own SIEM solution. This combination helps you achieve a higher level of security monitoring and analytics that can scale with your future security needs.

What is Managed Security Information and Event Management?

Managed SIEM is an event monitoring service that enhances your existing cybersecurity investment. Data and analytics gathered on your in-house SIEM is shared with Verizon’s Security Operations Center, allowing our analysts to monitor security alerts and escalate critical incidents in a timely fashion. 

How does Managed Security Information and Event Management work?

Managed SIEM gathers threat intelligence from multiple sources, analyzes possible impacts, establishes threat use cases and makes these findings available to you for follow-up. SIEM alerts are monitored 24x7 in our Security Operations Center (SOC) where analysts assess potential threats and escalate them if they pose a risk to business. 

Verizon security and intelligence environment.

Managed SIEM collects and correlates event data to identify potential security threats. But our commitment to you extends much further, providing access to Verizon’s security experts.

Features & benefits

With our Managed SIEM service, you can respond faster, better manage incidents, access comprehensive security intelligence and reporting and take advantage of our Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center. Other features and benefits include: 

  • Integration. Leverage your security capabilities with Verizon’s solutions. 
  • Scalable. Tailor your solution to grow with customers’ changing needs.  
  • SOC support. Get 24x7 shared access to secure facilities and skilled personnel.
  • Trusted advisors. Partner with experienced Security Services Advisors and SIEM engineers


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