Cybersecurity Assessments

Identify your cyber risks before undetected vulnerabilities can seriously harm your organization.

Do you know the most common ways a cyber intrusion can hurt you?

Most cyberattacks target unprepared businesses. Be proactive in tackling cyber threats that can ruin your organization.

  • Pinpoint threats.

    Know where the worst threats are with a detailed view of your network’s vulnerabilities.

  • Tailor your assessment.

    Your security needs are specific. Our solution offers options designed to suit your organization.

  • Build strong defenses.

    With weaknesses revealed, you can form a solid defense strategy.

  • Choose a trusted provider.

    Verizon’s information security practice is widely respected as a leader. Put it to work for you.

Have more than 500 employees?

Already a customer?

We provide detailed, custom evaluations, applying the expertise of seasoned cyber specialists, to help you strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Best for:

  • Organizations with fewer than 500 employees who engage online with colleagues and customers as a regular part of their day-to-day operations.
  • Protecting your network from emerging threats and known dangers on the internet
  • Training staff from enabling cyber crime, whether accidental or otherwise deterring automated systems that troll for vulnerabilities

With Cybersecurity Assessments, you’re accessing expertise deeply grounded in advanced security frameworks. 

What’s included with the Cybersecurity Assessments?

You can choose either online or onsite evaluations of your cybersecurity vulnerabilities. You’ll receive written reports for each assessment activity detailing the findings and a security-posture score with prioritized recommendations.

What happens when I sign up for a Cybersecurity Assessment?

The Cybersecurity Assessment process begins with a welcome kit followed by a kickoff call during which dates and times for each assessment activity are scheduled. Following each activity, a written report will show the tests performed, your scores, your placement relative to industry peers, and prioritized recommendations. Assessments conclude with an interactive, executive-summary session. The overall process is designed to be highly collaborative and results-oriented.

What benefits can I expect from my Cybersecurity Assessment?

We can help you identify known and emerging threats in your industry. You can also act with greater efficiency to plug security holes exactly where they exist.

Reports & scores

Get written reports providing specifics of each test outcome with scoring that indicates your security readiness.

Security recommendations

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with risk-lowering recommendations that are prioritized by threat severity.

Industry benchmarks

Gain insight into your cybersecurity readiness relative to other businesses in your industry.

  • Let our experts help protect your network

  • Our Security Operations Centers operate 24/7 worldwide to help stop threats.

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