Mitigate cyber attacks with early
detection of adversarial activity.

Protect your brand.

Detecting, identifying and preventing cyberattacks is an ongoing challenge for organizations of every size. And keeping abreast of the latest threats and identifying the risk factors most relevant to your business is a full-time job.

Our Dark Web Hunting service constantly searches the surface, deep, and dark web to identify and detect nefarious activity potentially targeting your organization. We then transform these adversarial threat patterns and activities into tailored analytical data explicitly focused on your business priorities. Our hunters identify state and non-state sponsored cyber threat actors/patterns, insider threat indicators and methodologies, as well as espionage tactics that span industries, ecosystems, and global landscapes. We then provide you with predictive analysis that helps you proactively protect your business against cyber threats and attacks.

What is Dark Web Hunting?

This dark web monitoring service provides proactive, actionable, investigative intelligence research, analysis, and alerting that helps enhance situational awareness. When integrated into your cybersecurity operational posture, Dark Web Hunting helps provide you with a near real-time view into nefarious activities directed against your organization.

How does Dark Web Hunting work?

Our hunters search for threat actor chatter in social media, surface, and deep and dark web forums. They proactively scan for, investigate, and analyze terrorist, hacktivist, and criminal activity conducted against you or your industry from outside your network. These alerts help mitigate your risk before, during, and after attacks. 

Our first team of dark web hunters.

Verizon Threat Intelligence Platform Service integrates multiple intelligence sources and expert tradecraft by our dark web hunters into actionable insights that help you be proactive against attacks. 

Enhanced Threat Intelligence

Features & benefits

Investments into dark web hunting enable leaders to better evaluate and proactively address cyber threats, while also supporting real-time threat discovery capabilities. This helps improve resource allocation by providing an early warning on planned attacks, identifying attacks in motion, and detecting previously unknown attacks. 

  • Forward Observer.  Providing insight on threat actor chatter directed at you.
  • Actionable.  Intelligence analysts link, associate, and correlate industry-specific threat activity.
  • Scalable.  Plug-and-play service scales to your need for critical real-time intelligence.
  • No Risk.  We hunt remotely and on your behalf so you don’t expose your presence.
  • 10+ M

    alerts and 500,000+ incidents
    (on average) monitored each year

  • 20+

    years of security experience

  • 6

    digital forensics labs located around the world

  • 500+

    digital forensic investigations and 200 other digital forensic work on average each year

Trust 20 years of cybersecurity expertise.

For decades, the Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center (VTRAC) team has specialized in helping organizations like yours improve infrastructure defense, mitigate risk and respond to cyber threats.


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