Absolute Secure Access

Optimized secure remote access for your highly mobile workforces.

What it is

Highly scalable, software-based, secure remote access solution for organizations that have mobile, field and hybrid workforces.

Utility workers holding tablets

Traffic isolation

Clients communicate using a transparent, transport-level proxy architecture that isolates all tunneled IP flows from changes in the underlying physical wireless network.

Access controls

Uses industry- standard encryption and authentication protocols to provide seamless secure access to protected network resources for mobile devices.

Policy governance

Restricts unsanctioned access to enterprise resources using centrally deployed, locally enforced zero-trust policy governance.

Granular enforcement

IT teams can granularly enforce conditional access to any online destination and prioritize essential traffic.


Improved productivity

Delivers secure, always-on connectivity with tunnel and session resilience.

Anywhere workforce

Provides persistent, resilient and secure connections for mobile, remote and in-office workers.

Cost controls

Track data usage, reduce backhaul and shift from VPNs to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) without a costly infrastructure overhaul.

Fortified security

Helps protect software-as-a-service (SaaS), on-premises and private cloud resources from intruders and attack.

Secure Browsing

Helps shield mobile, hybrid and desk-based users from exposure to online threats, malicious code, malware and inappropriate content.

Network visibility

Enables network usage transparency, including connectivity status, application metrics, geolocation, configuration statuses, usage patterns and connectivity health.


Zero-trust security posture

Helps improve security and compliance with optimized remote access and secure web browsing for mobile, hybrid and desk workers.

Context-based, logical access boundary

Helps secure application sets wherever they’re hosted. This makes them invisible to unauthorized users, reducing the attack surface.

Broad OS support

Supports users’ Windows®, iOS, MacOS and Android® devices. Resilient Windows client can automatically repair or reinstall itself if tampered with.

Powerful policy engine

Enables faster application access and improved security with dynamic enforcement at endpoints and a secure, direct path to applications.

Continuous real-time risk assessments

Helps improve security and streamlines access by evaluating every access request with dozens of contextual data points.

Resilient, self-healing infrastructure

Helps increase availability and uptime  for cloud and on-premises deployments.


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Absolute Secure Access, a remote access solution that helps secure the end-user experience.

A modern remote access solution that provides security without sacrificing productivity. Absolute Secure Access provides secure access to critical resources in the public cloud, private data centers or on premises;  helps improve employee productivity; and provides an exceptional experience for both users and IT administrators.

Optimized for mobile and hybrid workforces, and unlike traditional solutions, Absolute Secure Access allows users to benefit from an optimized tunnel that stabilizes and improves connectivity, even in challenging conditions. A powerful policy engine with dynamic enforcement at the endpoint eliminates chokepoints, bottlenecks or unnecessary data backhaul, delivering a secure, direct path to applications. In so doing, Absolute Secure Access draws a context-based, logical access boundary that restricts access to applications wherever they’re hosted, significantly reducing the possibility of unauthorized access.  With Absolute Secure Access, workers can be more productive and businesses can improve operational efficiency and more easily meet compliance and regulatory goals.



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