DNS Safeguard

Automatically block computers and other devices from accessing malicious websites. Protect your business from malware, ransomware and phishing scams with the help of our DNS security solution.

Are you making the 3 common security mistakes?
Learn how to stop making the same mistake and protect your business.

  • Stop threats before they start

    Shield your network from internet threats, including malware, phishing, ransomware and bots.

  • Block Harmful Web Traffic

    Shut the doors to malicious sites. Proper DNS security will help defend and secure your network and devices.

  • Internet Policy Enforcement

    Easily enforce company-wide internet policies with customized content blocking.

  • Smart security from Verizon

    Our internet and mobile security experts monitor over one million security events every day, so we know how to spot threats to your business.

Have more than 500 employees?

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Safeguard your network
against cyber threats.

Best for helping:

  • Protect your network from emerging threats as well as known dangers on the Internet such as malware, phishing, malicious threats, ransomware, cyber attacks, and more. Employ our DNS security solution and prevent your people from accessing dangerous websites and data to deter automated attackers searching for vulnerabilities.
  • Enforce company internet policies and block non-business websites. Safeguard employees from bad neighborhoods on the internet including hate sites, adult sites and time killers like social media sites.

DNS Safeguard gives you powerful tools and in-depth information to help you protect your network.

Insights from ongoing traffic monitoring

Verizon continually analyzes web traffic and uses software and human intelligence to spot suspicious activity.

Whitelists and blacklists

DNS Safeguard maintains white lists of Websites and services that are known to be safe; and blacklists of sites and services represent threats to your network.

Easy-to-use admin tools

Our online administration console lets you quickly set up, manage and test acceptable use policies, then put them into action as needed.

  • Let our experts help protect your network

  • Our Security Operations Centers operate 24/7 worldwide to help stop threats.

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    Learn how you can stop making three common security mistakes and protect your business today.

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