Verizon Wireless Private Network

Help secure and control access to your IP network and cloud from employees’ mobile devices.

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  • Work remotely with confidence.

  • Verizon Wireless Private Network (VWPN) joins wireless devices to your company’s internal IP network using a secure connection that isolates data from the public internet. Our business VPN helps boost employee productivity with secure access to critical tools and data.

Verizon Wireless Private Network is best for:

  • Government building


    Financial and legal services or businesses that require secure access to sensitive data

  • Cement truck


    Construction and retail firms or companies with a regularly mobile workforce

  • Caution sign


    Businesses that offer mission-critical services


  • How we help keep your business running


  • Shield


    Safeguard work by isolating your data from public  traffic.

  • Mobile phone


    Work where business takes you.

  • 5G


    Get private network access where there’s Verizon wireless coverage.

  • Mobile phone and plus sign


    Easily add wireless devices as needed.

  • Evaluate your mobile security.

    Our Mobile Security Index helps you identify mobile threats.

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Product features

Multiple ways to expand the capabilities of your mobile workforce

  • Dynamic Mobile Network Routing

    Advertise your wireless router’s LAN for remote access and management of connected devices.

  • Traffic management

    Create preferences for mission-critical applications and achieve more predictable network performance.

  • Authorized

    Block unauthorized traffic on  the private network to reduce the risk from unsolicited external traffic (select Verizon wireline services required).

  • Flexible connectivity

    Connect to your network in multiple ways and choose the method that suits your business.

  • Easy

    Establish network connectivity without deploying and managing complicated device configurations.

Make the most of Verizon Wireless Private Network.