• 5G-powered connected worksite

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  • The challenge

    Efficiently monitoring multiple work streams at a construction site

At a traditional worksite, capturing reliable and regular progress updates for multiple work streams can be tedious and time consuming.

Ineffective communications and status updates between the field crews and management can be costly and can lower productivity.

Some high-risk activities or hazardous work conditions need closer monitoring to reduce risk and injury.

  • Get insights into your worksite.

    A worksite can be a dangerous place, but it doesn’t have to be. Using 5G can help you know exactly what’s happening, right when it happens.

  • 5G opportunities

    Unlock new efficiencies on the worksite with 5G

5G could enable a smarter, safer and more efficient worksite.

The higher speeds provided by 5G can help provide near real-time accurate data.

5G has the massive bandwidth to support numerous sensors, monitors and devices that collect and compile worksite information and diagnostics.

This data can be used to improve worksite productivity and management.

How it works

    • What a connected worksite looks like

      • Wearable sensors on crews can monitor location and biological conditions such as heart rate, and can track their health and well-being.

      • 5G can help provide the information in near real time, so if an issue arises, an alert can immediately be sent to management and emergency services, if necessary.

    • What a connected worksite looks like

      • Equipment sensors can monitor stress levels, wear and maintenance needs. If an issue arises, it can be communicated to a connected device for appropriate care and action.
      • It’s critical to know where there may be a problem before malfunctions happen. 5G can make preventive maintenance smarter, which can help reduce downtime and save money.

    • What a connected worksite looks like

      • Remote parties can monitor worksites from a safe distance and receive near real-time updates via drones, cameras or sensor data.
      • Keeping the whole team in the loop with up-to-date information can help make everyone more efficient and keep everyone a little safer.

5G built right

Our 5G Ultra Wideband network is built right to power transformative possibilities for business. Capturing new data from crews and machines across the worksite requires massive bandwidth, high speeds and low latency that 5G Ultra Wideband can support.

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    • Achieving 5G Ultra Wideband’s extraordinary speeds requires a massive fiber infrastructure. 
    • Verizon has made significant investments in fiber densification in major cities around the nation.

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  • Millimeter-wave spectrum


    • Verizon has critical spectrum holdings that include millimeter-wave and C-Band spectrum
    • Millimeter-wave spectrum supports 5G Ultra Wideband’s transformative performance and C-band will enable performance and expanded coverage

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  • Small-cell deployment

    Small-cell deployment

    • Verizon has spent years densifying its 4G LTE network, and its 5G network leverages the same densification.
    • Verizon has relationships in place with large and small municipalities, enabling its small-cell deployment.

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  • Edge computing

    Edge computing

    • Verizon has network locations that are ideally suited for housing edge-computing resources.
    • Multi-access edge computing could deliver access to the tools, power and locations to deploy at scale.

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    • This is 5G built right, from the network businesses rely on.

    • 5G Nationwide available in 2,700+ cities on most VZ 5G devices. 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) available only in parts of select cities.
      Verizon 5G access requires a 5G-capable device.  5G UWB access requires a 5G-capable device with select voice/data and 5G UWB plans.

    • Future use case not currently available.

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