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Achieve Operational Transformation with Dynamic I.T. Services

Realize operational transformation and boost productivity with the help of a range of dynamic I.T. services offered by Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Operational Transformation Solutions

It’s a business given: Markets can change overnight. While this requires businesses to adjust quickly to meet changing demands and requirements, it also signifies new growth opportunities for high-performance companies. Businesses that simplify, consolidate, and standardize their operations are able to control costs and deliver flexible IT services quickly—transforming IT operations from a cost center to a business growth enabler as a result. The bottom line: Business operations must be dynamic and able to scale quickly without large capital costs in order to thrive.

Verizon’s Operational Transformation solutions help businesses consolidate, simplify, and standardize the way they work. We deliver secure and reliable cloud, networking, communications, security, and professional services that enterprises can leverage to not only transform their businesses, but grow and thrive.


As markets continue to shift, current competitors are seeking to become more agile and responsive, and new competitors are entering your space with the latest digital tools already in place. Customer expectations are more demanding; needing it “now” means hours, not days. Clients are engaging with businesses online, in stores, through kiosks, and from mobile devices.

For many companies, line-of-business managers are under pressure to perform at higher productivity. Products in the pipeline must be launched globally. Finance requires reports faster. Marketing introduces new campaigns and loyalty programs quickly. And IT teams are being asked to make decisions rapidly. They’re tasked with managing different systems to support various product lines; often, these systems are at capacity, with no room to grow. And “shadow” IT systems, used by employees to drive collaboration and data storage, can compromise company security.

Verizon Operational Transformation solutions are designed to help businesses like yours combat these challenges, while opening up new areas for growth. We offer a suite of solutions that allow you to simplify, consolidate, and standardize your operations; control cost; and deliver flexible IT services that are secure and reliable. This leads to improved business flows, protection, and satisfaction.


Our Verizon Professional Services technical experts can help you transform your business operations right the first time, with planning, development, execution, and monitoring expertise to help you realize the benefits of new applications quickly. Our security experts can also help you stay ahead of the threat of cyber attacks. From identifying vulnerabilities across your network to managing the daily tasks of system access, Verizon has extensive security experience to keep your information safe.

In addition, for multinational corporations or public-sector institutions, Verizon’s Global Integrated Solutions (GIS) team can help reduce the risk associated with large, complex projects. We can help qualify and integrate third-party vendors with Verizon-provided services, reducing the possibility of cost and control issues by delivering one business-focused project.


They key to operational transformation lies in distinguishing new ways to boost productivity, cost efficiency, innovation, and growth. Achieving this transformation and realizing new opportunities lies within a well-defined plan, augmented by targeted expertise. Find out how Verizon Operational Transformation solutions can help you fully integrate your infrastructure, speed your decision-making process, and drive meaningful, prolonged growth. Contact your sales representative or visit verizonenterprise.com for more.