Credit card processing for small business

In today's digital world, the old expression "cash is king" is becoming as outdated as a gas station payphone.

Driven by a new mobile society and an explosion in the capabilities of Internet-enabled devices and e-commerce, online credit card processing for small business is now routine.

Best practices for online credit card processing for small businesses.

Know the rules.

All businesses that accept credit cards must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of requirements designed to ensure that any merchant that processes, stores, or transmits credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Store data Securely.

Be on the lookout for red flags that might signal a card is a fake, like a missing signature, damaged or scratched magnetic strip, or numbers that don't line up evenly. Ask for photo verification to ensure that the name on the card matches the customer's photo ID.

Watch out for fakes.

To avoid risk of fines or fraud liability, credit card data must be stored and managed securely. Remind employees not to write down credit card numbers or to ever store credit card data to charge at a later date.

Determine current and future bandwidth needs.

Are you planning to add more physical offices, employees, or devices in the future? Thinking about moving to cloud-based data storage? Considering adding customer videos to your website? All of these - and more - will affect your need for bandwidth in the future.

Bandwidth needs increasing

But processing of credit cards safely and securely, while an important element in small business success, is only part of the larger picture. The new reality: to maintain a competitive advantage, businesses need bandwidth.

In addition to demands from processing credit card applications, even micro businesses today often have needs for sharing massive documents, e-commerce, accessing cloud applications, and more.

Towards that end, choosing the right Internet provider - one who can allow you to scale quickly and easily as needed - is more critical to business success than ever before.

Fast transactions with Verizon merchant services

At Verizon, we can help you assess your current and future needs and implement the right solutions quickly and easily.

Our Merchant Services are customizable to fit your budget and the unique needs of your industry, whether you own a restaurant or retail store, run an e-commerce business, or manage a service business.

We have payment processing systems for your small business that can help:

  • Provide secure debit and credit card processing
  • Manage your business more effectively with mobile and wireless account access, online billing and seamless software integration
  • Give your customers confidence that their information is secure and protected

Verizon: the best choice for business broadband

We can also meet your need for bandwidth - no matter how quickly or how big your business grows - with scalable, reliable business Internet packages that offer the speed and support you need. In certain areas, Verizon also delivers Fios to small business customers, offering Internet speeds of up to 940/880 Mbps.


Another factor to consider in planning for future bandwidth needs is that as companies move more of their business applications online, upload speeds are becoming increasingly more important.

Of all the broadband options available today on the market, only Fios offers SpeedMatchSM, which delivers matching upload and download speeds to share high-bandwidth files in a flash.

Whichever Verizon plan you choose, you'll get 99.9% network reliability and consistently fast speeds - even during peak periods.

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