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Enabling a Digital Business

To meet the requirements of digital businesses today,  companies must rethink where and how they deploy their applications.  How can they ensure applications meet customer performance and experience expectations while being able to deploy applications faster than they ever have? One solution may be to move away from central hub-based deployments to edge deployments.  This requires considerations to re-architect for a digital edge, where hubs distributed in strategic locations form a mesh that can securely process increasing amounts of latency-sensitive data. In this architectural framework, people, locations, clouds, and data are directly and securely connected on distributed, rather than centralized infrastructure.

This new paradigm is achieved by an interconnection-first strategy that places cloud-enabled services in carrier-neutral data center campuses, where distributed IT components are colocated. Interconnection is defined as the private data exchange between businesses. And it’s shaping and scaling the global digital economy, according to a new global baseline that tracks, measures and forecasts the growth of interconnection bandwidth -- the Global Interconnection Index. The approach allows data to scale and interact with other data, making possible whole new ways of doing business.

Watch our latest webinar where you’ll hear experts from Verizon and Equinix talk about how a successful digital transformation can help meet your current business needs and those in the future. Plus, you’ll learn:

  • Why the network is the foundation of digital transformation
  • Why digital transformation is more difficult to execute on legacy architecture
  • Why it shouldn’t happen in isolation – it’s a company-wide commitment
  • What use cases are most relevant to your business

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