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Entertainment and Media Technology Solutions Help You Deliver More Engaging Content

See the range of media technology solutions available from Verizon Enterprise Solutions that can help your organization operate efficiently and effectively.

The message is clear: To stay top-of-mind, you need to reach and interact with tech-savvy consumers on their terms—and in the ways they prefer.

Competition for consumer attention is fierce. Our innovative, scalable and reliable media technology solutions help you seize awareness, build excitement and develop and deliver multi-platform, personalized, contextual entertainment experiences—without large investments in staff or capital.

Digital Signage

You’ve got just seconds to catch consumers’ attention—and digital signage makes the most of them. Digital signs attract viewers, build brands, inform, educate and influence purchase decisions—and empower you to keep your message always immediately relevant. From sports venues to train stations, Digital Signage solutions from Verizon Wireless offer a cost-effective and flexible means of communicating with the customers you want to reach.

Mobile Marketing

Getting noticed is challenging; staying at the forefront of shopper’s minds is even more so. With Mobile Marketing solutions, you gain the power to provide rich, customized shopper experiences, and deliver on-target, on-time messaging. You’ll discover new and innovative ways to drive increased foot traffic, conversion and loyalty.

Mobile Resource Management

Your bottom line depends on the assets that drive your business and matter the most—including your employees and equipment. Near real-time visibility into mobile workforce location and equipment usage can elevate productivity across your operations, helping you improve scheduling and routing of service trucks and personnel, and empowering proactive equipment maintenance. So you never miss a beat.

Mobile Command Center

The news is happening everywhere at once—so you need the power of a real-time mobile command center. Enable cost-effective remote broadcasts for events and breaking news. Quickly set up and deploy. Monitor multiple locations simultaneously for increased awareness. Transmit high-resolution photos on location, in near real time. It’s the world at your fingertips—and at your command.

Wireless Kiosk

To compete with online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores are looking for fresh ways to engage customers and set themselves apart. Verizon Wireless Kiosk solutions let you quickly deploy point-of-service kiosks to empower interactive content, cashless transactions and targeted, dynamic media. By combining the traditional shopping experience with digital communication technology, you create a low-cost, high-impact communication strategy for your organization that drives consumer loyalty and helps boost your bottom line.

Why Verizon?

Verizon Wireless media technology solutions help your business operate more efficiently and effectively. And when your mobile workers are on the go, our solutions help keep them connected, sharing data and collaborating with secure, reliable technology.

Verizon Wireless draws upon these advanced technology platforms and services to provide targeted solutions for your mobile workforce.