Fleet Maintenance and Performance Case Study

Learn how Networkfleet helped to increase fleet performance and streamline maintenance for one Wisconsin-based construction company.

Finding the right balance between budget constraints and the rising costs of fuel and parts is a never-ending struggle for any fleet manager—no matter the industry. If a vehicle is out for maintenance or repair work, it’s not making money for your company.

The global fleet management market is expected to reach $30.45 billion by 2018.

When a construction company based in Wisconsin wanted to improve vehicle reliability and control repair costs, it turned to Verizon for help. Operating a fleet of 20 trucks, this business specializes in general contracting and plumbing services, as well as construction hardware and tools. But an average of three breakdowns on the road every year and multiple calls for repair service were taking a bite out of the company’s bottom line.

Verizon's fleet management solutions help customers improve fleet performance while curbing costs. These comprehensive products combine patented GPS and telematics technologies to deliver reliable, around-the-clock vehicle tracking and communications.

From vehicle location and diagnostics, to fuel usage, idle time and more, Verizon provides the construction company with accurate, timely data to manage its fleet more efficiently.

Smart fleet management helps boost safety and performance and lower operating costs.

A typical heavy-duty truck or bus burns approximately one gallon of diesel fuel for every hour it idles, generating significant amounts of pollution, wasting fuel and causing excessive engine wear.

Fleet Management solutions from Verizon offer continuous, real-time awareness into field operations and driver behaviors, as well as the condition of vehicles and assets. When you know what’s happening on the road, you can better manage delivery routes and schedules, and streamline operations across your entire fleet. Fleet Management solutions also help you:

  • Make informed decisions on the fly.
  • Improve safety by identifying and addressing unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Reduce fuel costs by reducing excessive idling and other fuel-burning habits.
  • Quickly adapt to unforeseen obstacles before they derail on-time deliveries.

Fleet Management solutions offer real-time visibility into virtually every aspect of your fleet operations—driver performance, vehicle location, fuel consumption, mileage, speed and idle times.

  • Monitor truck conditions to prevent cargo damage or loss.
  • Recover lost or stolen assets and prevent fraud.
  • Establish scheduled fleet maintenance alerts to reduce breakdowns.

Fleet Management solutions from Verizon can benefit a wide range of industries. Here are just a few examples:

Waste management

Keeping our neighborhoods and cities spotless is no easy task, yet many of us take curbside trash and recycling pickup for granted. It requires a well-orchestrated fleet of trucks, crews and dispatchers to seamlessly pull it off day after day. Fleet performance solutions can help your dispatchers keep tabs on your trucks, optimize routing and scheduling and cut back on idle times, fuel consumption and emissions.

Law enforcement

The safety and security of every community depends on the ability of law enforcement to respond quickly to emergencies. Vehicle uptime is critical. Fleet performance solutions help you stay on top of fleet maintenance for all of your vehicles—from police cruisers and motorcycles to prisoner transport vans—to keep them in service and running at peak efficiency. Plus, you know exactly where each unit is and which ones are available if additional backup is needed.

Retail distribution

When you’ve got product to ship, rolling means revenue. Fleet Management solutions can help get your drivers on the road faster. Automated systems eliminate time-consuming paperwork, capturing daily workflow from the minute a driver gets to work until the end-of-day vehicle inspection. And access to real-time information gives you the insight to make better decisions, respond more quickly to changes and control fuel, labor and fleet maintenance costs.

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