One Talk for public safety agencies

Discover how One Talk makes it easy to manage, control and customize communications—even for users without IT experience.

  • Challenge


    Fighting fires takes lots of training. Managing communications shouldn’t.

    Being a firefighter requires building a highly specialized set of skills. Skills that help maintain safety. Skills that help save lives. But developing IT skills? That shouldn’t have to be part of the job. Which means that for many fire departments—especially those that handle the bulk of day-to-day operations entirely in-house—communications systems that require complicated deployments and maintenance aren’t going to cut it.

    To help ensure successful missions, these fire departments need a simple way to communicate—with each other, with other public safety agencies and with the communities they serve.

  • Solution

  • One Talk is a mobile-first solution that combines desk phone and smartphone features into a flexible, single system. There are many ways to access One Talk, which makes it perfect for stations that have both dedicated full-time firefighters and volunteers. Whether using the One Talk mobile app on a personal device or on a department-owned smartphone, computer or tablet along with a One Talk desk phone, you can improve productivity and efficiencies by giving your employees a solution tailor-made for their needs.

    Not only does One Talk simplify communications by providing users a single number that can be used across multiple devices, it also streamlines the management end. With the One Talk mobile or desktop app, you are able to use existing equipment and devices and can easily assign and remove phone numbers as needed. An easy-to-use web portal makes it possible to create and manage groups for different departments and locations, with up to 1,000 contacts in each group.

    One Talk comes with more than 50 standard features, which can be customized to each line to help make sure users have quick access to the features that are most important to their job. And features like 6-way Conference Calling and Video Calling make it easy for teams to connect to other teammates and experts to quickly assess and address emergency situations.

  • Benefits

  • One Talk proves that communications don’t have to be complicated. With One Talk, fire departments and other government agencies get a unified communications system that is simple to deploy and manage. One Talk offers a number of enhanced features that make it easy to quickly communicate and collaborate—especially important during missions when every second counts. When you can worry less about managing communications without an IT staff, you can stay ready and focused on doing the job you trained for.

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