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Optimize Fleet Operations with Verizon Auto Share

Learn how private and municipal vehicle pools can improve fleet operations for increased vehicle efficiency and employee productivity with Verizon Auto Share.

Vehicle pools, private companies and city/ local governments maintain fleets of vehicles to be used in their day-to-day operations.

By improving the management, operations and maintenance of a fleet, a company can improve productivity and organizational efficiencies. Companies and municipalities traditionally use a manual-based process, in which drivers are assigned a vehicle, then physically have to pick up a key and locate their assigned vehicle. When it comes to maintenance, vehicles must be physically inspected to stay on top of potential issues that need repair.

Verizon Auto Share helps private companies and municipalities enable dynamic dispatching by wirelessly automating vehicle assignments, reservations and pickups. Using the Auto Share app and a mobile device, users can scan a quick response (QR) code associating the vehicle to the end user. Once vehicle and user identities are validated, a virtual key fob is enabled, allowing the end user to access and use the vehicle—all without the need for human interaction.

Verizon Auto Share also provides detailed insights into fleet vehicle performance and activity via an in-vehicle device. The device tracks fleet vehicle information, such as odometer readings, fuel/oil levels, service alerts and more, to help streamline operations. It can also monitor vehicle location and deliver alerts about speed and other driver behaviors to help improve productivity.

Verizon Auto Share in action

Here’s a fictional example of how Verizon Auto Share can help private companies and municipalities better manage their fleet operations:


A municipality operates a fleet of vehicles for use by its workforce to conduct government business and provide services. A part of this fleet includes a number of vans designated for van-pooling usage. Currently, the municipality uses a manual reservation and scheduling system with a limited number of drivers and routes. It also uses a similar system to reserve other fleet vehicles, requiring pickups and dropoffs to occur within normal business hours.


The municipality sought to streamline its fleet operations management by:

  • Automating fleet utilization, which includes self-service reservations, assigning drivers to vehicles, determining routes and minimizing vehicle downtime.
  • Increasing fleet visibility by tracking vehicle locations, as well as monitoring diagnostic information, vehicle performance and driver behaviors.
  • Controlling costs through a more accurate tracking of fuel consumption and mileage.
  • Increasing productivity and reducing operational costs by improving fleet vehicle utilization.


Verizon Auto Share lets the municipality replace its existing fleet-management system with an automated, self-service tool that enables more efficient fleet operations. Van pooling and other fleet vehicles can be easily reserved, accessed and returned anytime at any of the municipality’s unmanned locations. Authorized personnel simply use the Auto Share app and their mobile device to scan a QR code, which associates the vehicle to the user’s identity and password stored in the cloud, then the vehicle’s ready to go.

For fleet management tasks, Verizon Auto Share provides the municipality with near real-time data analytics that provide a detailed look into fleet operations. The municipality can monitor vehicle condition via an onboard diagnostic module that helps ensure proper maintenance takes place to reduce vehicle downtime. Vehicles can be assigned and scheduled more accurately, which helps the municipality increase vehicle utilization. The reporting of expenses and operational costs becomes more accurate, as the municipality can measure vehicle mileage and gas consumption more precisely.

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85% to 90% vehicle utilization rate is expected by Verizon as a result of deploying Auto Share internally to manage its fleet.

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