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What is 4G LTE,
and is it fast
enough for
my business?

Author: Rose de Fremery

Speed is essential for a high-quality customer experience in today's digital-first economy. When customers are waiting for services to be rendered, or employees are working to deliver those services, they likely rely on mobile devices for everything from business productivity tools to streaming video, checking the market and viewing logistics alerts, and they need reliable access to high-speed connectivity on a 24/7 basis.

These experiences rely on abundant bandwidth, low latency and rapid download rates. 4G LTE offers businesses all these advantages and more, but what is 4G LTE exactly, how fast is 4G LTE and is it good enough for your business? Let's find out.

What is 4G LTE?

So, let's answer the primary question first: What is 4G LTE? Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) service is used for mobile wireless connections across the country. 4G LTE originally launched in 2010, replacing the older 3G standard, which is due to be phased out in the coming year.

Now, what is 4G LTE all about? 4G LTE connectivity is significantly faster than its predecessors. It also delivers far more reliable business communications. For example, video and voice calls that take place over 4G LTE are much less likely to suddenly degrade or halt altogether, providing the seamless experience customers expect. 4G LTE users often report faster device performance, which increases their satisfaction. They also enjoy faster upload and download speeds, sharing content, or loading new apps the moment inspiration strikes. Put simply, 4G LTE is all about speed and reliability.

The need for wider spread data coverage

Customers can multitask more efficiently on the 4G LTE network, too. Because both voice and internet connections run on data networks instead of relying on separate networks as they did in the 3G era, customers can look up information or browse the internet while on a voice call. This way, if a customer needs to check a store's location or download a special rewards app while on the phone with a customer service representative, they can do so without having to hang up.

Because 4G LTE coverage is much more widespread, it lets customers stay connected almost everywhere they go. Not only is this more convenient, but it can also help improve privacy and security. Users no longer have to look for public Wi-Fi connections at places like coffee shops or parks to get on the internet, which could help keep their digital communications safer from hackers who are known to spy on people using these open Wi-Fi hotspots.

How fast is 4G LTE?

Now that we've answered the "what is 4G LTE?" question, the next major question is how fast is 4G LTE, exactly? 4G LTE download speeds are 10 times faster than 3G. Users can download emails in under one second, load a typical web page in one second, and download an entire e-book or song in four seconds. With fast 4G LTE connectivity, businesses can enjoy in-office business applications and services, among others. This means, among other things, that customers with 4G LTE access can engage with your business more quickly and reliably, whether they're downloading your app or participating in a live event you're hosting online.

4G LTE enables business productivity within your company, as well. When asking "how fast is 4G LTE?," you also have to consider the new working world. Fast mobile connectivity is more important than ever in the era of remote work, and 4G LTE can make it possible. With these technologies, employees can collaborate effectively from any location on their device of choice, keeping the work moving just as smoothly as they would in a traditional office while working from home or on the go. And with more reliable connections, they can put their best foot forward in all communications with business partners and customers.

Employees also appreciate the faster speeds and lower latency found in 4G LTE connections. Whether in an office or at a field location, they can quickly download email attachments, access cloud-based shared files and upload field notes on the fly, ultimately, completing their tasks much more efficiently than they could with the older, slower 3G standard. With 4G LTE, for example, client meetings held via video conference run smoothly. In many job roles, your employees can more effectively use the applications they need to get their work done in a 4G LTE setting.

How do I know if I need 4G LTE?

You can determine whether your business needs 4G LTE by considering a few key factors. If your business relies on bandwidth-intensive services, then you will likely want to look at 4G LTE service.

This is also true if your employees need to download large files on a regular basis, as professionals in the legal sector frequently do. If near-real-time or rapid response is essential to your business, as it is in scenarios like public safety, then you may also want to investigate your 4G LTE business internet options.

Verizon 4G LTE enables faster customer connections

Just as consumers rely on a fast wireless connection for everything from shopping and social media to entertainment and beyond, your business requires a speedy, efficient wireless connection to deliver a high-quality customer experience and enable employee productivity in a work-from-anywhere world.

Now with the answers to the questions "What is 4G LTE, and how fast is 4G LTE?" you can understand that with its rapid downloads and low latency, 4G LTE can give your business the modern, reliable internet access it needs to engage customers in today's digital-first economy.

Learn how Verizon LTE Business Internet can help you keep your business connected.