Smart Fleet Management Basics

Discover why smart fleet management goes well beyond just tracking vehicle locations. Let Verizon explain fleet management basics.



Smart fleet management is more than simply tracking the locations of trucks in the field. It’s also keeping watch for activities and behaviors that can put your drivers, company and reputation at risk. That’s why one asset and fleet-tracking system provider decided to develop a driver monitoring system—to promote safe driving and introduce a whole new level of value-added services to customers.

The company, whose goal is to keep global oil and gas companies safe and profitable, worked with Verizon to create the driver safety and smart fleet management solution it wanted. The solution is composed of fleet-tracking GPS devices from CalAmp, installed into vehicles’ on-board diagnostic systems, and a backend user dashboard for easy, centralized management. The GPS devices continuously gather raw data from field vehicles, including driving behaviors like hard braking, rapid acceleration and speeding, and then wirelessly transmit the data to headquarters over the Verizon Wireless network.

In addition to providing minute-by-minute location and performance data on each vehicle and driver in the field, the customized solution also generates weekly driver scorecards. These scorecards identified behaviors and patterns that could increase risk. The provider’s customers reported that the scoring system created a friendly competition among drivers, and one customer even saw a 54% decrease in its fleet crash rate.

Fleet tracking systems monitor your field vehicles, as well as driver behaviors that put your company at risk. One company saw a 54% decrease in its fleet crash rate.

Smart fleet management means smarter business.

Verizon offers a range of smart fleet management solutions that deliver real-time, consistent awareness into field operations and driver behaviors, as well as vehicle and asset conditions. When you know what’s happening out in the field, you can ensure that drivers are focused on safety and optimize delivery routes and schedules, as well as streamline operations across the entire fleet. Smart fleet management solutions also help you:

  • Make more-informed decisions on the fly.
  • Improve driver safety by identifying and rectifying unsafe behaviors on the road.
  • Reduce fuel costs by eliminating the need for excess idling.
  • Identify and handle issues, such as traffic jams, before they escalate into real problems.
  • Prevent cargo loss or spoilage by monitoring truck conditions.
  • Recover lost or stolen assets and prevent fraud.
  • Improve vehicle maintenance and reduce breakdowns.

Smart fleet management solutions from Verizon can benefit any industry that employs drivers. The following are a few examples:


A big part of every construction job is logistics—getting equipment, supplies and people from one place to the other and making sure everything is available when needed.

Minimizing risk lowers costs. The average cost per crash with no injuries is more than $16,000. A crash with injuries can top $70,000.1

With smart fleet management solutions, you can streamline dispatch and tighten routes and scheduling to avoid wasted time and effort. You can also improve driver safety and productivity, and reduce fuel, maintenance and labor costs.

Transportation and distribution

Transportation and distribution companies thrive when they can keep costs low and finely tune schedules and delivery times to the utmost accuracy. Smart fleet management solutions allow these companies to stay on track and on schedule with real-time information about vehicle locations and asset conditions.

Now you can streamline routes and react immediately to unexpected issues, such as breakdowns or traffic delays, and update customers with the latest information so they know when to expect you.

You can also control repair costs with better vehicle maintenance management; track hours of service and driving patterns; and cut fuel costs by planning efficient routes and reducing idle times.

Industrial, oil and gas

Companies that offer oil and gas and industrial services often need to react to emergency situations. Smart fleet management solutions can help them dispatch vehicles quickly and efficiently to get technicians on the scene without delay. Even everyday operations can run smoothly with crystal-clear visibility into fleet conditions and locations.

You can also track vehicle speeds, driver performance and location; monitor vehicle use, mileage and maintenance; improve fuel efficiency; and reduce vehicle idle times.

Promoting driver safety helps companies reduce accident-related costs. It can also help reduce insurance costs and attract safer drivers—all of which helps boost the competitive edge.2

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1 Tucker, J., “Best Practices in Driver Hiring,” Business Fleet, March 2013. article/story/2013/03/best-practices-in-driver-hiring.aspx

2 Boyle, L., “Safety Climate of Commercial Vehicle Operation,” Mid-America Transportation Center and University of Nebraska-Lincoln, March 2010.





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